May 30, 2012

Arts Fest for Kids

Have you been to the Kids Arts Village at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 yet?

If you haven't, you should because there are quite a few of fun things just for us kids to play over at the Village. But you have to hurry though, as this Saturday (2 June) is the final day of the Festival!

Daddy & Mummy brought us 3 monkies over to the Kids Arts Village last Saturday. Thank goodness it rained before that, because it made the weather a little more bearable. Well, at least that mattered to Daddy as he is the one who usually looks like a water-soaked sponge after an outing with us.

The star attraction of the Kids Arts Village has got to be the interactive installation named Tangle.

We kids (up to 12 years of age) are given a ball of elastic ribbon, and the rest is up to us. There are numerous poles in the installation area, and we can weave in, out, up, down and all around the poles in whatever fashion we fancy.

And together with other kids, a beautiful explosion of colours was created.

Di-di & I just love to play - especially if inhibitions are cast aside - but more importantly, we love creating a colourful mess! Yes, better yet if we don't have to clean up after that.

And it was tremendous fun just having to duck down or climb over those many many colourful ribbons. In fact, it was like a gigantic maze after most of the kids had used up their ball of ribbons!

As for toddlers like mei-mei, they had their own private corner of mini poles where they could create their own tangled mess as well. And boy, did she love it too!

So yes, even babies and toddlers are welcome into the installation. But do note that entry to the installation is on a first-come-first-served basis. Play times are at 4pm, 5pm & 6.30pm daily and one would have to register first before joining the queue.

When we registered, we were put on the waiting list as the quota was full. But it didn't take long for us to be let into the area (about 10 minutes of waiting time), so do try your luck as well! :)

And once we had gotten ourselves out of the maze of ribbons, we were not done with the ribbons yet!

There is also a Craft Corner at the Village, where we could use various materials to construct our very own Festival hat.

Mei-mei was especially pleased with hers. I would be too, if I didn't have to do it by myself. Heh.

But nothing beats wearing one's own handcrafted creation I suppose. So di-di & I were really pleased with ours... and Daddy too, because it was already nightfall by the time we were satisfied with our hats.

There are other Art & Craft activities as well. To contribute to a good cause, head down to the Artspace at the Festival Village to help students from St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School to complete mural pieces which will in turn be presented to 4 Welfare Homes.

Or if love the idea of painting and monsters together in one place, then enter the UV Monster Cave at the Artspace at the Festival Village. Use UV neon glow-in-the-dark paint on the canvas-based cave to bring monsters of your imagination to life! There will also be UV Face painting sessions on 2 June (Sat).

If you are feeling extremely brave, you might want to stay on til 9pm on 2 June where kids will be the ones sharing spooky stories to all those interested. Erm, think di-di & I will pass on that. :p

As for the adults, you can check out the Event Listing HERE. There is always shopping at the Public Garden flea market under the Esplanade Bridge if nothing catches your fancy.

Or enjoying coffee and ice cream atop the cafe, overlooking the Singapore River. Shiok or what?

Already been there, done that? Then click HERE for our full listing of June School Holidays Activities for Kids!

Useful Information

What? Kids Arts Village (part of Singapore Arts Festival)
When? 18 May - 2 June; 4pm to 10pm
Where? Esplanade Park
More info?

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cre8tone said...

Wow! This is super fun!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Kylie,

Yes it is!!! :)

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