May 15, 2012

Blast fats away - the CoolSculpting by Zeltiq way

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Our blog has come a long way since the wifey started it as a means document our kids' growing up years when Ash was born in 2005. Since then, we met many new people and made new friends along the way. In addition, our kids had the opportunity to be invited for various media events and experience new products and places - all of which we are very thankful for.

So it came as a complete surprise when I received an email, inviting me to try out something that is totally unrelated to the monkies.

Enter CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, which is essentially a fat reduction treatment. Honestly, I wasn't sure to be happy or sad when I received the email. But I have always been on the heavy side - or fat- since my schooling days. A convenient excuse would be to blame it on my metabolism, but admittedly inertia to exercise (rather, a lack of) has been my ultimate Achilles' heel. 

So when the offer to blast some of fats away came in, I accepted it. At least I can do some good by giving a first-hand account to all the mummies who are reading this blog, no? Heh.

As CoolSculpting is a procedure that can only be performed by a certified doctor, I was directed to David Loh Surgery clinic at Liat Towers, which is one of the clinics in Singapore which offers the CoolSculpting by Zeltiq treatment.

So what is CoolSculpting by Zeltiq exactly?

It is a completely non-invasive technique that involves the first cooling technology in the world that reduces fat cells, with no downtime, and no anesthesia required, hence allowing patients to carry on with their normal day-to-day activities immediately.

See the contraption on the bed in the photo above? That is the thing will be used to suck my tummy in while the treatment is going on.

And once everything has been calibrated, the one-hour long treatment began in earnest!

Based on cryolipolysis; a technique which targets, cools, and eliminates fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues, it is based on the principle that fat cells are more vulnerable to cooling than the surrounding tissues.

When the treatment first began, I initially felt some discomfort as my tummy was being pulled into the applicator. But the discomfort eventually dissipated as time progressed and I was able to just close my eyes to catch a few winks. For those who would rather do other stuff than rest, there is even WiFi available to keep one occupied during the entire process.

And how exactly do CoolSculpting by Zeltiq target the fat cells?

It is a medical fact that fat cells are uniquely susceptible to extreme cold. CoolSculpting procedure harnesses the power of cold to trigger fat reduction by using precise cooling to target areas and eliminate fat cells in the specific areas of the body.The cooled fat cells undergo apoptosis (controlled cell death) and are gradually eliminated through the body’s natural ways, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

Once the fat cells are killed, the results are permanent and  fat will never be deposited again in the same area that was treated, at the same time sparing other structures or areas of the body.

My 1-hour was up in a jiffy, and here was how my tummy looked immerdiately when the applicator was removed.

Very red, and also very cold to touch. Yes, very much like a slab of frozen pork belly in the supermarket freezer.

The doctor has mentioned that because the tummy was sucked into the applicator, I may experience slight bruising at the sides of my tummy in the following days of the treatment. And yes, I did have that... together with a nagging dull pain around my belly button too.

I checked with the doctor, and he said that what I was experiencing is common for men, as we have more fibrous tissues as compared to women. The use of a bigger applicator on my tummy area may also have been the reason for the pain. But he assured me that the pain will subside within the next 2 weeks.

And so, what of the result?

TOP: Before; BOTTOM: After 4 weeks

Very minimal change, if I may be honest. But this is only after one treatment of course. And I was told that patients can see results as early as three weeks after the treatment while the body is still flushing fat cells for the next six months.

So I guess I just have to wait and see some more. More importantly though, it is non-invasive procedure and doesn't result in any downtime for the patient. So at least that offers a peace of mind.

For more information and for a full listing of clinics that offer CoolSculpting, please call NeoAsia at 65527787.

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Unknown said...

Coolsculpting really offers a cool way to reduce fat. Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, so interesting! So it's been a year, did the results get better?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

I have to say that I only went for one treatment. So one year on, I don't think it had helped much. Although the results will probably have been more obvious if I went for more treatments.

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