May 14, 2012

Farm Stay Detour - Zenxin Organic Park

(Daddy recounts)

We headed down to the UK Farm Agro Resort one weekend ago (Read about our experience HERE) and discovered another place of interest along the way there.

The Zenxin Organic Park is located just before we turned into the gravel road, and it was a good find for us - considering we were way too early to check into our room at UK Agro Farm Resort.

You may recognize the brand 'Zenxin' as their organic vegetables are sold in our supermarkets here. But obviously, that didn't interest the monkies one single bit as they were eyeing something bigger.

That's right; the huge Organic Park - where one go on a tour of the huge farm and learn more about how various vegetables and fruits are grown. There are even bicycles for rent, or longkang fishing for the kids. There's also a mini petting farm with rabbits, ducks and quails for kids to feed and play with.

Well, at least that was what I could make out from the huge map. Because we didn't enter the Park - it isn't free by the way - since we were going on the Farm Tour at the Farm Resort in any case.

So what did the boys do to while away some time?

Paint some masks at the Art-n-Craft kiosk there!

For RM8 per mask, I reckoned it was quite a good time killer.

Can you figure out what or who their completed masks resembled?

Yup, Angry Birds! Haha.

And since Ale couldn't partake in the mask-painting activity, I had to find another activity to keep her occupied which came in the form of fish feeding. Yet another activity the boys duly joined in as soon as they were done with their masks.

And sometimes, a simple activity like feeding fishes is enough to light up the kids.

No doubt it certainly warmed my heart just by seeing how happy the monkies were.

And while the kids were busy filling up the fishes' bellies, the wifey was hard at work in checking out the restaurant at Zenxin Organic Farm - so that we have a place to fill up our own bellies come dinner time.

And come back to here for dinner, we did. Because the organic steamboat at the restaurant was simply too good (and cheap) to miss! It was RM19.50 per head, and the ingredients were all so fresh and yummy. Sorry, but there were no photos taken... uhm, because all of us were too hungry to pause for any distractions!

Compared to the food prices at the Farm Resort, the food at Zenxin Organic Farm are less pricey. So yes, we will definitely be back here again for its food if we head down to the Farm Resort once more!

Useful Information

Park Entrance Fees & Opening Hours: Click HERE
Location Map: Click HERE

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