May 10, 2012

Farm Stay in Malaysia - Part 2

(Daddy recounts)

If you haven't read about our adventures at the Farm Resort earlier in the day, you can do so HERE.

The Jakun Village was our next Farm Tour stop, which was a few steps away from the Ostrich Park.

Inside the Jakun Village, there were built-up structures of huts, tree-houses and hunting traps, which offer an insight into the Orang Asli's ethnic culture.

It was here that I felt perhaps having a guide would have been more beneficial, especially since he would be able to give a better explanation to the boys with regard to how the Orang Asli went about their daily activities in the village.

Nevertheless, they still found great joy in scaling the tall Tree-house.

I would have joined them, but then I remembered the Orang Asli were hardly a fat bunch. Likewise, I gave the swings a miss too. Bummer.

As we moved along to our next stop, we spied flocks of sheep grazing in the distance. It was then we found out that the sheep are released from their sheds at 10am, 1pm and 4pm everyday onto the fields. Definitely not a sight I would have imagined to be seen in Malaysia.

The Goat Feeding station was next, and boy did the kids love this one.

I realise kids really love feeding animals. Whenever there are feeding activities - be it dogs, rabbits, chickens, goats, birds or horses - kids will feed them. Wholeheartedly, and in a fuss-free and quick fashion.

If only the same applies when it come to self-feeding.

Our final stop of the Farm Tour brought us to the Mushroom Farm, where we were able to see how various types of fungi were grown and harvested.

The boys were sort of praying they would get to see their fave mushroom of the lot - the enokitake, or enoki mushroom.

But the farm only had oyster mushrooms.

Or the lingzhi mushrooms.

I overheard that one can purchase these mushrooms to grow and harvest back home. But they would need to be kept in a very moist area, like the bathroom. Wah, no need go supermarket already.

As for the boys, at least they had another Tree-house to entertain themselves while the wifey & I tucked into a complimentary concoction of mushroom salad at the farm cafe.

And with that, our 2-hour Farm Tour came to an end. But no, we weren't just about done yet. Not when there were other parts of the Farm Resort to explore!

Notice that Ale was already out cold from the day's exertions, while the 2 older monkies were still raring to go. And I can't fault them, not when the scenery there is so very breathtaking.

 While the wifey was busy getting lost in the picturesque landscape, the boys zeroed onto something else.

The Mini Zoo housed a rojak collection of animals such as peacocks, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, monkeys, hedgehogs and a giant monitor lizard. Almost all of the birds are free to roam and free to be petted. If you are fast enough to catch them that is.

Compared to what we had experienced during our Farm Tour, the Mini Zoo has got to be the most disappointing of the lot. The entire area seemed to be set up in a very haphazard manner, and the cages didn't look very well-maintained.

I think the one who would be the most interested in the Mini Zoo would be Ale, because her current obsession happen to revolve around birds and ducks. Or Elmo. But that's a different story altogether. Pity she was still in dreamland when we breezed through the compound.

The thing which hugely interested Ash & Ayd was the Sheep Challenge - where one would be given 3 minutes to catch the sheep in an enclosure, and stand to win a prize if he/she is successful. Ash was sure he could snare the prize, and I would have loved to let him have a go. Unfortunately it was drizzling at the time when we were there, and the Sheep Challenge was closed.

No matter, I promised Ash & Ayd we would be back again... perhaps with the grandparents. Which ultimately was met with a huge roar of approval.

With that, we went for our dinner and headed back to our room for a night of recharge.

The next morning, I couldn't let all the beautiful surroundings around me go to waste and so made Ale my photography subject.

I asked for a pose and this was what she did. Just don't ask me where she learned that from, because I am absolutely just as clueless.

Only thing I am sure is, that she is way more cooperative than the 2 other buggers in the room.

And of course there was still room to complete the picture with the other lovely woman in my life.

Bliss. :)

When our tummies finally did rumble, we made our way to the Resort's cafe for our breakfast.

Breakfast was included in the room pricing, and it was at best simple food fare - fried rice, spring-rolls, nuggets, fried egg and all-you-can-drink goat's milk Milo.

I asked the boys to smile nicely for the camera before they tucked in, and this is what I got.

I give up.

And I think Ale shares the same sentiments.

Overall, we did enjoy our last minute 1-night getaway and I reckoned the boys especially loved the activities that came with the Farm Tour. Although Ash keeps reminding me that he still wants to complete the Sheep Challenge!

Food-wise, the Farm Resort offers a full board package so families need not worry about meal options. See a sampling of what food they offer HERE.

We didn't get the full board package though, because we found a restaurant which serves yummy steamboat and other zi-char fare at the nearby Zenxin Organic Park. More about that HERE.

Personally, I felt the Farm Resort was a refreshing change from the usual resorts that we had been to. It isn't exactly 5-star, 4-star or even 3-star accommodation but the farm experience that came with the stay was something I didn't expect to be available in such close proximity to Singapore.

Useful Information

Contact Information: Click HERE
Location Map: Click HERE

GPS Coordinates: N02 01.109 E103 13.117

View more photos of our 1-night Farm Stay at UK Agro Farm Resort, Malaysia 

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Yvonne said...

Hi, are there a lot of mosquito?


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yvonne,

No, there weren't that many mosquitoes... more flies though!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm planning for family trip over the weekend. May I know if the place is suitable for elderlys to just relax? Will it be boring for adults?


Cheekiemonkies said...


Yes, the elder folks can just have a relaxing time there! I'm assuming you are going with kids - if you are, then I would think as long as they are not bored, the adults will be fine. :)

Anonymous said...

But will the 3hr tour be tiring with lots of walking to do? Haha in fact not, youngest is 13 year old. We are just thinking of going somewhere to explore and relax, not sure if this is the right place to go.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Not much walking, as the tour is by bus or horse cart.

One night stay will be more than enough though. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the info! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

No prob. Have fun!!! :)

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