May 3, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Clara!

After Brandon's birthday celebrations last Saturday, we had a second dosage of birthday joys - this time, it was our good pal, Clara's turn!

She turns seven (like me!) and because she loves Angry Birds, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce what theme the Birthday Party will take on. 

Well, not that di-di & I are complaining. We even adhered to the Party's dress code! Hee.

As usual, there were party games which pretty much kept all of us kids in check.

Well, at least for a grand total of 15 minutes. All of the kids, including us, were more bent on securing our very own balloon sculpture from the Balloon Sculptor kor-kor.

And you should have seen the queue of kids waiting for their balloons. I think it would have put almost all hawker food stall queues to shame.

But just like those hawker food, the wait was thoroughly worth it!

Check out my amazing Optimus Prime balloon sculpture! Very cool if you ask me. But I'm biased of course.

Ayd requested for his fave Blue Angry Bird, while mei-mei got her 'current-flavor-of-the-month' Elmo. Only thing was, we just had to keep reminding her NOT to hug Elmo so tightly!

Surrounded by so many balloons, all of us kids were naturally on a high!

Erm, something tells me Daddy was too.

Hope that didn't make you jump up from your seat.

Anyway, mooooving along... the other highlight of Clara's party was the CAKE, which was dotted with - what else - Angry Birds and Pigs.

Nowadays, I think we kids have it tough when it comes to cake-cutting. Why? Because we are expected to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song not only in English... not only in Mandarin... but also in Bahasa Melayu too!

All the effort just to snuff out the candles on the cake. Haha.

Happy Birthday, Clara! Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations!

Now, it is di-di's turn to rack his brains and come up with a theme for his Birthday in August. And no, it is most definitely not an Angry Birds party again. We already had that last year, remember? Heh.

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