May 2, 2012

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

(Daddy poses)

It has been quite a while since we had our last family photo shoot. In fact, I think it was in 2009 - way before Ale was born! 

Erm, I think I can sense her excitement.

And so, the perfect chance to finally have a family portrait came about in the form of Danny Santos II.

Danny Santos II is also known as the Orchard Road Street Photographer, who takes portrait shots of strangers along the streets of Orchard Road. And my, his shots are absolutely stunning! Personally, I like his 'Street Scenes' and 'Bad Weather' albums.

He has since started on a new project - to take shots of families in Singapore. And since yesterday was a public holiday, I was able to secure a photo shoot slot with Danny at the Botanical Gardens. He had already photographed 2 other families before us, and he arrived before us drenched in perspiration.

But he still went about his work like a true professional, connecting and coaxing the best out of Ash & Ayd.

Ayd, for some reason, showed great affinity towards him. He was at his most-est cheerful self I had ever seen and was at all smiles in front of the camera. In fact, Ayd was the most anxious one to see how the photos turned out. Yah, even more gan-cheong than me!

Ale was a tougher nut to crack. Being the Diva she is, her smiles are only reserved for the most privileged ones.

Luckily, she loosened up a little in the presence of her 2 brothers.

Ayd was trying his ultra best to coax smiles out of Ale.

See what I meant when I said he was on form?

And of course, he had to check to see how the photos panned out. :p

Soon, it was the turn of me and the wifey. And Ash assumed the role of the third party photographer.

Having been the one who is behind the lens all these while, I was initially rather uneasy to be in front of it.

But someone obviously wasn't.

The entire photo shoot lasted about half an hour and we definitely had great fun posing for all the family shots; piggy backs, running around, carrying and all.

And the good news is that Danny is looking for MORE families!

Here are the details of the photo shoot: 

The shoot, which is about 20 minutes, is FREE and will take place in an outdoor location. Danny will give each family 5 digital photos and 1 print in return for their time.

Update: Danny has stopped taking in new photoshoots for families for now, as he has more than enough on hand currently.

Lastly, do check out his Facebook page for more amazing photos!

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