Jun 11, 2012

A Prelude to KidZania

(Daddy holidays)

This trip to KL, or specifically to Petaling Jaya, was originally supposed to have taken place last month. But Ale had to go fall sick and the trip was canned. She miraculously recovered on departure day and we headed down to the UK Agro Farm Resort instead.

We have actually been kindly invited by the folks at KidZania Kuala Lumpur to visit their massive indoor family edutainment centre, which is essentially one huge real-life functioning city where kids will be able to work and experience various types of jobs in a kids-centric city. 

But more on that in the next post, for we still have the small matter of checking into our accommodation at Petaling Jaya. 

And if you want to be really close to the KidZania action, one can't possibly get any closer than The Royale Bintang The Curve hotel.

The hotel is just situated diagonally opposite KidZania, and is just an overhead bridge away. Besides, the room was a pleasant surprise.

You see... prior to our trip, I was reading the reviews of the hotel on Tripadvisor and to be honest, the reviews kind of sucked. Ranked 7th out of 14 hotels in the Petaling Jaya area, complaints of tired-looking rooms and uninspiring facilities hardly made my heart leap with joy when we booked our rooms.

So it was with utter amazement that such a sight greeted us.

Well, of course it wasn't exactly a 5-star hotel but I reckon it looked pretty decent, no?

At least someone didn't need to wait to get to KidZania to enjoy herself.

We got the Family Suite, which came with 2 bedrooms - one with a queen-sized bed and the other with 2 single beds. Yes, the extra space that I had on the bed for those 2 nights were pure bliss.

 And in case you are interested in how the bathroom looked like, I have to say it was pretty presentable too.

So I guess the room was a real hit with the monkies then. Moral of the story? Do not believe everything you read on Tripadvisor. Either that, or we were just plain stupidly lucky.

The other reason why the hotel was a hit - this time with Mummy - was the fact that it is smack in the middle of three big malls. Four, if you include Ikea.

There's The Curve shopping mall, e@Curve mall and the IPC Mall... all just within a few walking steps away from each other. Do I even need to say which member of the family was the happiest?

And with big malls, there will never be the issue of going hungry. Not when there were tons of eating options for us to explore.

But of course, this trip was only ever only going to be about one single thing.

And that is what it will be all about in my next post, where my boys quite simply couldn't bear to leave at the end of our session!

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edmund said...

Wow! looks like u guys had a Blast!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Edmund,

Yup we did! The kids especially loved the place. :P

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