Jul 9, 2012

Kinetic Rain comes to Changi Airport T1

If you are heading down to Changi Airport for any reason, you may want to pop by the Departure Hall at Terminal 1. Because chances are you would stop in your tracks and be captivated by a brand new art installation.

Aptly named Kinetic Rain, it is the the world's largest kinetic art sculpture. And it replaces the circular curtain of water known as the Mylar Cords that we Singaporeans have come to identify with T1 since it opened in 1981.

So in keeping with the fluid theme of Changi Airport's illustrious past, 1,216 raindrops made of aluminium and highly polished copper, controlled by 1,216 individual motors, were made to swirl and dance so as to depict the joy of travel.

And when droplets come together in a fluid motion, the entire Kinetic Rain installation is extremely mesmerising and elegant.

Carrying an aviation theme, the key element in every shape shows the movement of flight through slow, fluid movements. Kinetic Rain morphs into 16 different programmed shapes such as an airplane, hot air balloon, flock of birds, dragon or a kite.

Can you spot the aeroplane? - courtesy of Changi Airport
Can you spot the hot air balloon? - courtesy of Changi Airport

We certainly had loads of fun trying to spot all the various shapes!

The Kinetic Rain display is operational 24 hours at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall.

An audio commentary and official video are also available for visitors who wish to know more about Kinetic Rain. All they have to do is scan the QR code present at the display boards at the T1 Departure Check-in Hall with their smartphones.

If you are interested to see how the entire kinetic art sculpture was conceptualised and made, watch the amazing video below.

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