Jul 18, 2012

Off we go!

We're jet-setting to another country and I'm sure the photo is a sure giveaway to where we are headed.

That's right - it's the Netherlands. In partnership with Friso Singapore, we will be visiting their farms near Amsterdam and among other stuff too. Obviously we would be checking out the rest of the kids-related attractions as well. Yes, we just can't resist can we? 

Di-di & I would have to skip a few days of school. Not that Daddy & Mummy advocate readily BUT they reckoned that this trip was too good an opportunity to pass up. And somehow, we agree wholeheartedly too! LOL.

Daddy might get too tired chasing us 3 monkies around Amsterdam, so there just might be a dearth of blog posts for a little while. But we would be updating our trip through both our Facebook and Twitter pages. So if you happen to have any of those accounts, do give us a 'LIKE' on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/cheekiemonkies) and follow us on our journey at our Twitter page (https://twitter.com/3Cheekiemonkies) for more updates.

Until then, tot ziens!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Enjoy ur trip and have tons of fun....

Cheers... Melody

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Melody! We definitely will have loads of fun! Heh.

Jessica Yong said...

Lucky for you to have visited there. I hope www.dumex.com.sg has this kind of promo too!

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