Jul 13, 2012

Titan of the Temper Tantrum

(Daddy forebodes)

If there is one distinct thing that separates Ale and her 2 brothers, it would have to be her temper.

Sure... when she in her goody mood, she can be really GOOD. She can go into her manja mode, saunter up to you and melt your heart like a hot knife cutting through butter. And she can already count both her grandfathers as her greatest victims.

But when she is in her terrible mood, everyone and everything seem to turn into her mortal enemies at that instant. She wails. She yells. She hollers. It is as if she morphs into something else just like that.

So it seems that we didn't have to wait til she turns 2 years old to have a taste of the Terrible Twos. Yah, lucky us.

With Ash & Ayd, there wasn't any need for a Plan B when it comes to disciplining them. I turned a bit fiercer, and they would cower in fear.

As for this one, the moment I rev up the fierce factor, she turns the wailing volume many notches higher. And to think she still has a sure-win move up her sleeve - the killer face whenever she senses that the wifey or I are angry with her.

How to win like that?

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1 comment :

Natalie said...

haha.. that's what my daughter does to me too. *killer face* I will end up not being able to control my laughter

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