Jul 15, 2012

We will, we will rock you

When Daddy first told di-di & I that we were off to a Rock School, both of us thought that we would be jamming guitars and beating drums. But it turned out to be a far more physically demanding (but fun!) actitivity than that.

The Rock School is all about rock climbing, but more importantly, it's Singapore’s first climbing centre designed, constructed and specially dedicated to kids of ages 4 to 14 years old. That's great news for di-di & me! Especially since we can't seem to ever sit still. And that's according to Daddy & Mummy.

At the kind invitation of The Rock School, we had the opportunity to try out a session of rock climbing. But first, we needed to warm up our joints before that and that came in the form of very fun ice-breaker games!

Before di-di & I could have a go at the Indoor Rock Wall, we had a crash course on how to scale it. The various grips on the wall are colour-coded which spelled out the various climbing paths one could take according to our climbing competence level.

Our instructor, or 'rock guide', had mentioned that rock climbing is as port that builds and maintains both fitness and mental strength. And after a round of hanging on the wall, I can see why.

Initially, it was not as easy as it seems. We had to plan our route constantly when we are climbing, by deciding in advance which of the grips our limbs were going to go for. If only we had the powers of Spider-Man. Haha.

But we soon got the hang of it, and made it to the end point in high spirits!

All these while, mei-mei was looking on enviously by the sidelines.

But you know that nothing would ever prevent this Diva of ours from getting what she wants. And in this case, it was the small matter of scaling the wall.

Yes, nothing ever fazes my this garang sister of mine.

She, however, had to make way for us soon after because there was still Round 2 for us. And this time, obstacles were added to make our climbing task a tad more difficult.

We had to navigate our bodies through the various hoops. But they were chicken feed to us - di-di had no problems. Erm, other than the one instant where the Rock Guide had to prop up his backside in a bid to prevent him from falling.

While I was zipping along the wall with ease. Heh.

Then the moment arrived.

It was time to face the Outdoor Rock Wall.

This one was da bomb, with 4 different levels to scale - Slope, Hill, Mountain and Peak. The latter one, if we manage to scale it, would represent the pinnacle of our 1-day-old rock climbing career.

And so after we strapped on our safety harnesses, away we climbed.

Okay, so this wasn't as easy as the Indoor rock wall. For one, it is tougher going upwards than moving sideways. Not to mention that it was kind of scary as I went higher and higher.

I hit the level of 'Hill' on my first try, which was the second level. I grew in confidence, and reached the 'Peak' subsequently!

As for di-di, he had some trouble finding his footing as he made his way up but he did manage to hit the first level of 'Slope' on his first try.

However, he wasn't to be outdone and conquered the Peak as well!

Hooray for di-di! We were all so proud of him! :)

For each level that we hit on the Outdoor Rock Wall, we would get a sticker to show for our achievement. Naturally, I wanted to complete my sticker collection. Heh.

The 2 hours whizzed past so fast, and soon it was time to say goodbye to all our climbing mates. All except for ONE person.

The Wacky Duo were there too!
Notice di-di's glum face? He was still missing the 'Hill' sticker from his achievement card as he didn't have enough time to scale all 4 levels. So cue the downcast facial expression.

The instructors were very nice, and offered to let him on a final go at the rock wall. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

And so, everyone lived happily ever after.

If you want to have a taste of rock climbing, you can do so at The Rock Carnival happening this weekend of 21 & 22 July 2012!

There will lots of fun-filled activities for the whole family - from an inflatable climbing structure for those as young as 4 years old to a towering bouldering wall for the older ones. Add a kids' rock climbing competition,  balloon sculpting and try-outs for other sports to the mix, and we think it'll definitely be a solid carnival!

For more details and fees, please click here: http://therockschool.sg/trcc/

Useful Information about the Rock School

Address: Bedok Community Centre, 850 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467352
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 1pm-10pm (Closed on Wednesdays);
Saturdays: 10am-10pm; Sunday: Varies (Please refer to Timetable)
Contact: 6242 2106
For more details on the courses on offer, please click here: http://therockschool.sg/

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