Aug 21, 2012

Article Alert!

(Daddy blogs)

Remember my regular blogging stint with

My new article is already up! It's titled 'The joys of Parenting' and you can read the full article here: is a parenthood website managed by I Love Children, a Voluntary Welfare Organisation which seeks to celebrate children and the joy they bring. Through the website, they hope to inculcate the value and importance of parenthood and family among Singaporeans, as well as encourage a children–friendly environment in Singapore.

In other news, our family was fortunate to be featured in 8 Days magazine not once, but twice in consecutive issues!

The first one (above photo) was in last week's issue of 8 Days, and was featured as part of SingTel's 'Home Without Walls' photo contest. And we have Danny Santos to thank for the amazing family portrait! You can see more of our Outdoor Photoshoot with him HERE.

The second one (below photo) is in this week's 8 Days, and is related to our Amsterdam Farm visit with Friso Singapore.

Cavin Soh, the MediaCorp artiste, was invited along for the farm visit as well and he was interviewed by 8 Days under the Travel section.

Thanks 8 Days! :)

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