Aug 17, 2012

Cheekiemonkies in Netherlands: Day 6

Theme Park madness

(Daddy recounts)

Day 6 and it's Theme Park day at Efteling - the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Even older than Disneyland!

Originally the park catered towards children with a fairy tale theme. Since then, it has evolved from a nature park with playground and a Fairy Tale Forest, into a full-sized theme park.

And if we had our way, we would have loved to stay in the adjacent Efteling Hotel. Why? Because it houses some of the most incredible and beautiful themed rooms that I had ever seen!

Cinderella Suite
Amazing decor isn't it? I love the Carousel Suite though. It comes complete with organ music and even a whirlpool bath!

Carousel Suite
 Girls harbouring princessy dreams will go ga-ga over the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Suites.

Snow White Suite
You can check out the entire list of Themed Suites HERE. Unfortunately, all the themed suites were fully booked. So back to our regular programming then...

Our first ride of the day had us boarding the Pagode, a 'floating' temple that took us up to a height of 45 metres.

There was an indoor roller-coaster ride in the dark that goes super fast that Ash & Ayd wanted to go on. Luckily for us, the boys didn't clear the minimum height requirement. Phew.

We settled for something more palatable - the Monsieur Cannibale’s simmering pots!

It was just like the mandatory 'spinning cups' ride in every theme park. But it was Ale's first time trying out such a ride though. And the outcome wasn't entirely satisfactory; she got a bit scared when the cauldron started spinning and clung onto the wifey so tightly for the rest of the ride.

The boys then chose something less demanding for the sake of Ale next - the Carnaval Festival. We sat in vehicles which brought us on a journey through 15 countries. Think Disneyland's 'It's A Small World' and you get the idea.

Ale enjoyed some parts of it, but cowered in fear when we came to certain dimly-lit rooms. Oh well, at least she didn't get dizzy.

We, or rather the boys, decided to work some muscles next, and the 'Kinderspoor' pedal train was the obvious choice.

It was a good thing that they chose it themselves because it was tough work! Unlike the usual kiddy train rides, they actually had to pedal it with their legs to keep it in motion. So by the time they were done, they were all complaning about tired legs! Heh.

It wan't any wonder then, that the boys next chose a ride where they could just sit down.

The Polka Marina was the perfect choice as it bopped up and down as it went in circles. And to think we went on it after our lunch!

Luckily, our lunch stayed down and was adequately digested as we strolled to the original portion of the theme park. The part where it all started - Fairytale Forest.

There are 26 fairytales on display here, and I'm sure you know what fairytale the above photo depicts.

As we walked from fairytale to fairytale in an enchanting setting, I think it was quite obvious that the wifey & I enjoyed this part of the theme park the most. Because it brought back lots of childhood memories as the different faiytale settings seem to come alive in the forest.

The other part that I loved about the Efteling theme park is that it is HUGE! Because that meant that there are loads of open spaces and playgrounds like these for the kids to run and go wild.

At every section of the park, there exist a playground which children can't seem to get enough of. Ditto for my three monkies.

To be frank, if we didn't have to go explore other parts of the park, I would think they would be contented enough to while the time away at the playgrounds!

Okay, I admit. I found it fun too.

Although Ale did revel in the ice cream cone more than the playground structures. Haha.

From the brochure, we read that the show, Raveleijn, was not to be missed. And so, monkie see monkie do.

We were not disappointed. The show told the adventures of five children who become knights, and eventually join forces to slay something sinister.

A 5-headed Dragon, that's what! I thought that the mechanical movements of the Dragon were truly amazing. Needless to say, ALL of us were deeply engrossed in the show.

After the show, the boys were thrilled to have the opportunity to have their photos taken with some of the Knights.

Then it was back to the world of rides next, and we came across this exceptionally old-fashioned Carousel, with an original Gavioli organ that was built in 1895.

So yes, it is old - over 100 years old in fact!

More rides which turned round and round followed next.

And then the unimaginable happened. Tummies rumbled soon after, although we just finished lunch less than 2 hours ago!

So no choice, we HAD TO tucked into Little Pancakes for tea break. Hee.

Ale wanted to go on to the merry-go-round after our snack. Well, she didn't exactly say it but I knew what she wanted. Anyhow, it was the one ride with virtually no queues... but that's besides the point.

She DID enjoy it so much that she went on it for FIVE times.

Meanwhile, the brothers were enjoying another type of merry-go-round fun on their own.

And yes, I can confirm they did have ample fun indeed. Double confirm that too.

Our last attraction of the day came in the form The Maze, which took us through many turns and dead-ends.

The most fun part has got to be when we were crossing the wooden bridge over a river - unsuspecting us got blasted by jets of water!

We would have loved to stay longer at the Theme Park to catch the spectacular (or so I read) Night Watershow which comes complete with Fireworks! But the Theme Park isn't exactly near Amsterdam, and we had to take a 2-hour train and bus journey in order for us to get back to our hotel.

And so, we had to bid our farewells to this thoroughly enjoyable theme park.

Well...  we did relent and let the monkies go on the playground for one final round. :P

With that, our final full day in Netherlands came to an end and that meant we would be heading back to Singapore the next day! But not before having a final dose of adventure! ;)

See MORE photos of our Day 6 Adventures in our Awesome Amsterdam album on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook page here:

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Serene Yeo said...

Hi, we r planning a trip to Amsterdam in April with 2 kids - 6yo n 2 yo. How old is your gal when she travelled to Amsterdam? Did u fly direct? Easy to find suitable food for toddler?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Serene,

My girl was close to 2 when we went to Amsterdam. We flew direct.

Food-wise, it depends if your child is a fussy eater. Pasta is readily available, likewise for bread. The area that we stayed in had quite a few chinese restuarants, so they sold rice and noodles.

Hope it helps!

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