Aug 6, 2012

#CookForFamily - our Kiwifruit Milkshake!

We live in a fast-paced world, and more often than not we find ourselves eating out during mealtimes primarily for convenience sake. Well, at least I think that applies to Daddy & Mummy more. Di-di, mei-mei & I still eat at home because we aren't working yet. Hee.

But I think that holds true for a lot of the working adults. So it is with this in mind that a bloggers' initiative - #CookForFamily - was launched. 

This initiative is pretty straightforward. We just have to set aside one day to cook a meal for our family members and enjoy the meal together. Because eating a meal as a family sends the right messages about nutrition to us kids. We will see our parents eating healthy food and be inspired to try new foods in the process. In addition, we will also come to see mealtime as a time for socializing and sharing.

And since it is usually Daddy or Mummy who cooks for us during the weekends, di-di & I decided to do our part this time around and cook for Daddy &Mummy instead!

Well, it isn't exactly cooking per se, more of concocting a yummy nutritious drink for Daddy & Mummy. And what we had in mind was a Kiwifruit milkshake!

Do you know that the kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits available? It has 5 times the nutrition of apples, twice the Vitamin C of oranges and more essential nutrients than 27 other popular fruits. In fact, new research has shown that regularly eating gold kiwifruit is beneficial at reducing the symptoms of cold and flue - particularly in reducing the duration of a sore throat and the severity of head congestion!

I think our drink will definitely be useful to Mummy, because she's nursing a slight sore throat now. So first up, we had to cut up the kiwifruit... and even mei-mei wanted to play her part.

Soon enough, we had the cut-up kiwifruits in the blender.

While I had the most important job of all - pouring milk into the blender. Hee.

And with a flick of a switch, our kiwifruit milkshake was done!

No doubt it was easy to make, but I would like to think that Daddy & Mummy enjoyed it lots because our milkshake had a generous dose of love as well!

So go on - find a day and cook a meal for your family. I am sure your loved ones will be more than appreciative of the effort put in. And even better yet, involve the entire family! Because that will be the best way to promote better eating habits and healthy activities for us kids. A whole-family approach simply means that everyone — parents and kids alike — works together as a team to achieve good health and well being. And that's something everyone, including us, can do more with!

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