Aug 5, 2012

NDP Preview 2012

Daddy managed to snag some NDP Preview tickets at the last minute, and even though there were only 4 tickets, there was no way we would turn down a chance like that!

So yes, poor mei-mei has to stay at Ye-ye's & Ma-ma's house while we were screaming ourselves hoarse at the parade.

Erm, perhaps only for Ayd who seemed to be on a NDP high throughout the parade.

Well, the screaming did rise up a few notches when the Red Lions announced their arrival.

Di-di & I could never get tired of watching the freefalling display by the Red Lions - it's always such a spectacular affair!

Oh, and we loved the screaming part whenever they touched ground too. Makes it much more interactive! Hee hee.

But we all got serious during the flag fly-past where we had to stand and sing our National Anthem with gusto.

You should have heard di-di. He was singing at the top of his voice and waving his flag at the same time. Definitely high on the NDP atmosphere if you ask me.

But I don't think di-di's voice could have topped whatever came next.

That's right - the fighter jets aerial flypast, which has always been a perennial crowd favourite too.

We certainly enjoyed the Parade segment lots, and by the time night fell, the entire stage was transformed for the show segment.

This year's show comprises of a prologue and three acts - Reflection of Our Identity, Reflection of Our Spirit and Reflection of Our Love.

There were some catchy tunes, which almost made di-di start dancing on his chair. But luckily for us, the Finale - Loving Singapore, Our home - came on just in time!

And what would be a Finale without fireworks?

Can you spot the stars in the fireworks?

And here's a sneak peek of the fireworks in action (Video shot with a SONY HDR-GW77).

Overall, we did enjoy the entire NDP, although di-di & I preferred the parade segments over the show segments. Nothing too extraordinary for the show segments, but kudos too to all the performers for a great show!

And when we got back to pick mei-mei up, we found out she was enjoying herself as well...

Shiok right???

Happy Birthday in advance, Singapore!

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