Aug 29, 2012

Furby gets a reboot

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(Daddy talks furbish)

Batman did it. Spider-man did it. Even the X-Men did it. And now, Furby joins the league of reboots.

That's right. He's bacckkkkkk...

That animatronic must-have toy of 1998 that looked like a cyborg Mogwai has signaled its return. This was the one toy that had kids tugging on their parents' sleeves in epidemic numbers back then and this year, the furry character comes back in the digital age, complete with apps, new sensors and more.

Truth be told, I never did own one of these owl Terminators. I think it was due to those creepy clock-cat eyes. But now, in place of those familiar plastic spheres are two big, white and glowing digital eyes that get you immediately. These new eyes significantly contribute to Furby's range of emotions, allowing it to showcase different moods like anger and love. 

At the launch, the Furbies were presented in six colours, with that number jumping to ten by the time Christmas comes around.

The media was then given an opportunity to interact freely with them - the Furbies, not the models - and I have to admit that it was terribly fun playing with these furballs.

But don't take it from me.

Because something tells me that my 3 monkies will be a better judge of that.

And their first impressions? They couldn't get enough of it.

Furby is certainly a fascination. They were immediately transfixed, as they clamoured to pet and tickle him non-stop. Thanks to the capacitive sensors in its head, stomach, back and sides, it reacts to touching such as tickling and cuddling. Play music to it and it will start to boogie while pulling its tail will make it yelp in pain. These sort of interactions will help determine and shape Furby's character.

Furby doesn't talk English though, rather it rattles off in Furby language - or Furbish - and for those who need help in understanding their Furbies, there's an app for that. The free Furby iOS app has a translator that will listen to its speech and spit out its English equivalent. One can even prepare meals for Furby and feed it by flicking the food towards it.

BE WARNED THOUGH - the new Furby, just like the old one, has no on/off switch. The only way to turn the new Furby off is to smash it with a sledgehammer remove its batteries. The other way is to just leave it alone and it will eventually start snoring and fall asleep.

But getting it to fall sleep in my household is little bit difficult, all because Ayd & Ale are the ones practically hogging it all the time! Actually I am secretly habouring a desire to turn our Furby into one with a fiery and mischievous demeanor. But seeing how the monkies are doting on it, I think I can kiss my dream goodbye.

Furby will hit stores island-wide from 16 September 2012 and will retail for S$119.90. Public pre-order sales begins from 30 August till 9 September 2012 at all Toys”R”Us outlets. An exclusive Furby free gift for all pre-orders and a Furby goodie bag for both pre-orders & purchases made at all Toys”R”Us outlets on 16 September 2012 will be given away.

Members of the public are also welcome to join in the festivities on 16 September 2012  at Toys 'R' US VivoCity as the launch of Furby will be celebrated with a day of fun-filled activities.

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