Aug 30, 2012

Memories are made of these

(Daddy shoots)

As you would probably know... thanks to SONY Singapore, I have been fiddling with the SONY HDR-GW77 Handycam in my hands since last month and I have been loving it so far! It has made the journey to Amsterdam with us and the 2 boys took turns to capture various videos during our time there.

I had written a blog post about the specifications of the Handycam last month and you can read all about it HERE. Essentially, it is a video camera with a huge difference - it is waterproof, dust-resistant and shockproof. 

And you can't imagine how thankful I was for the last feature as Ayd accidentally let slip the Handycam while he got too engrossed in filming the cows on the Friso farm in Amsterdam! Luckily for the Handycam, he is still under the height of 1.5m.

There are 2 features of the Handycam that I adore, with the first being its Swing Panorama function that records the whole sweep of the landscape with a single press of the shutter button.

The other feature that I love is when I am recording a video, the Handycam automatically snaps a photo whenever it detects a person smiling! No wonder SONY proclaims it to be a gadget which would never miss a moment.

But enough of wordy techinical extolments, here's a video compilation of our wonderful time on the Friso Farm in Amsterdam.

Now all that is left is for me to test out the waterproof function bit of the HDR-GW77 Handycam!

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