Sep 18, 2012

New Balance Kids Ionix

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(Daddy reviews again)

Remember the new pair of pinkies from New Balance that Ale got last week? Well, the boys were originally supposed to each receive a pair of the New Balance Premus KV100 as well. But after seeing how rowdy lively the boys were, the kind people at New Balance decided to provide them with the NB Kids Ionix 3090 instead!

The New Balance Kids Ionix 3090 is based on the Adult edition and inspired by the geometrics of a molecule.

Just like the Premus KV100, the first thing that struck me when I handled the shoe was how light is really was. The other thing that I loved was the flexibility of the front portion of the shoes, which is a great plus for my 2 Mister-Ants-in-the-Pants.

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam has been used primarily in midsoles and footbeds for cushioning, adding a plush underfoot feel to the NB Kids Ionix shoes. No wonder the boys wasted no time in wanting to test out their new shoes. In fact, they requested to don them the moment we stepped out of the shop!

Soon enough, they were running all over the place. Only their squeals of laughter enabled me to keep track of their whereabouts.

Together with their little diva sis, I think I am in for a headache just by having them run circles around me!

The New Balance Kids Ionix 3090 is retailing at $89 at all New Balance Concept Stores now.

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