Sep 17, 2012

LEGOLAND Malaysia Grand Opening: More pictures!

(Daddy builds)

Over the weekend, LEGOLAND Malaysia officially opened its doors to the public. And we were there to soak in all the festivities, thanks to Maybank and LEGOLAND Malaysia who had put us up at a Johor Bahru hotel the night before.

So bright and early on Saturday, I was ferried to the park itself where the festivities were well underway.

The wifey and 3 monkies stayed behind at the hotel as they would only be joining me when the park officially opens.

I grabbed the chance to enter the park grounds first, so that I can capture a few shots around LEGOLAND minus the maddening crowds.

Just before the park opened, the staff at LEGOLAND Malaysia put up a mass dance routine, or 'The Power Dance' as it was dubbed.

And with that, LEGOLAND Malaysia was declared officially opened!

Check out the swarm of people waiting to experience their first dose of LEGOLAND Malaysia!

And my family just happened to be part of this swarm.

The boys had previously enjoyed most of the park's rides a few days back and you can read the Part One and Part Two of our review by clicking on the respective links. So for Opening Day, since it was Ale's first time into LEGOLAND Malaysia, she was to be the one calling the shots.

And the first thing she hopped on was the DUPLO Express train.

She utterly adored the sheltered DUPLO Playground after that. In fact, we had to peel her away from it when lunch time beckoned!

What's a theme park without those funfair-type game stalls? And if you so decide to spend some ringgit in an attempt to win a prize, the ball-throw game stall at LEGO Kingdom might just be your safest bet.

For RM6, you get 2 rubber balls and in order to win a prize, you would have to throw the 2 balls into a plastic bin with the balls staying inside. Sounds easy enough, but the balls are highly bouncy and will threaten to rebound out of the bin at the slightest chance.

The trick is to gently flick the balls with your wrist facing downwards. I observed people playing for a good 15 minutes before I attempted and voila - one huge Spongebob 'Robin Hood' Squarepants for RM6!

Not too bad a deal huh? Heh.

It wasn't extremely crowded on Opening Day, probably because the park is rather sprawling. So that helped evened out the people somewhat. Some of the popular rides, like the rollercoasters, had queuing times of between 30 to 45 minutes. Still, the boys managed to go on 6 different type of rides and they were mighty happy with that.

And after 6 hours at the park, all 3 monkies were still going strong which begs the question - how do they do it???

But one thing is for sure though, we will be utilising our Annual Passes very frequently!


LEGOLAND Malaysia is now officially open! For details on its opening hours, click HERE. For more information on ticket prices, click HERE.

How to get there:

From Johor Bahru / CIQ / Singapore via the Coastal Highway
- From Danga Bay, proceed straight via the Coastal Highway > Proceed all the way to Nusajaya > LEGOLAND Malaysia will be seen before reaching Kota Iskandar.

From Singapore via the Tuas Second Link
- Proceed until you see the Nusajaya EXIT 312 > You will see LEGOLAND Malaysia signage.

GPS: 1º 26’ 14" N 103º 37’ 2" E

There are BUS services plying from Singapore Flyer and Tuas Second Link as well. For more details, please click HERE.

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