Oct 23, 2012

Our Printed Scrapbook

(Daddy blogs)

Remember the 'Home Without Walls' Scrapbook initiative by SingTel that I have blogged about 2 weeks back?

Together as a family, we had lots of fun putting our very own digital scrapbook. And as a bonus, SingTel had kindly printed out a copy of our scrapbook for us to keep!

The moment the brown envelope came off, ALL three monkies immediately clamoured to see the fruits of their labour.

For Ale in particular, I reckoned she must have thought that the photobook was a story book so she was utterly surprised to find herself appearing in almost every page of the photobook.

Needless to say, she derived great pleasure in pointing out all the familiar faces in the photobook.

And if you want to win your very own photobook, today (23 Oct) is the LAST day to do so! Just head to www.homewithoutwalls.com/scrapbook to create your digital scrapbook. Please note that you would have to be logged into your Facebook account in order to use this app.

The TOP 10 scrapbook submissions will win for themselves a printed copy of the scrapbook!

So hurry, complete your scrapbook soonest, and all the best! :)

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