Oct 18, 2012

Picture of You

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Almost everyone snaps digital photographs nowadays, and what better way to immortalize such memories than to blow up some of these photos and make our walls at home much more attractive. Sure, the conventional framed prints will do the job nicely but the photo frames are usually bulky and heavy. Not to mention that the glass panels of the frames do emit glare and reflections from light.

It is with these in mind that I decided to make a canvas print of the 2 boys hugging one another back in 2010.

Canvas prints are quite simply, the reproduction of images onto canvas instead of paper. In 2010, I had my canvas prints - the one above and the individual photos of the 2 boys below - done with Anzo Creation. And til today, I am mighty pleased that the prints are still free of any discolouration and defects.

So when Anzo Creation offered to sponsor some canvas prints last month, I was secretly thrilled and accepted without any hesitation.

Finally, Ale has her very own portrait to add to our home wall, while the wifey and I didn't miss out either.

As for our entire family portrait, there was little doubt as to which photo I would pick. Likewise for the photo with my 3 precious monkies.

So thanks to the canvas prints, my wall doesn't look that monotonous now but more importantly, I am impressed with the consistency and colour of the canvas prints. Joyce, who is the owner of Anzo Creation, tells me that they use the highest quality 373gsm canvas available which is then primed with a universal acrylic titanium formula to achieve a clear top-coat for printing ink receptivity. The prints are then treated with 2 layers of coatings to provide protection against UV rays, as well as resistance to water.

And if you are thinking of commissioning your own canvas prints, there is a canvas print to suit every budget.

The most affordable canvas is the PVC Canvas, with prices starting from S$30 for a 12" by 12" frame. Made in China, this canvas has a rough texture hence the uneven print finishing.

The SOLIT Canvas is made in Korea, and has a smooth, sharp and fine print finishing which is quite similar to that of photo paper finishing. Only drawback is that the material is rather thin. Prices start from S$45 for a 12" by 12" frame.

Made in Taiwan, the DIGITAL canvas is a top-grade polyester-based canvas. It takes in ink well,giving it a very even print finishing. Prices start from S$55 for a 12" by 12" frame.

The Artist-UV canvas is cotton-based and offers the best finishing of the lot. Made in Japan, the canvas print projects the effect of an oil painting. Our sponsored prints are of this material. Prices start from S$60 for a 12" by 12" frame.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of all the 4 options of canvas prints. Fret not if you are unable to make a decision. Joyce would be most suited to help you in picking the appropriate one for your prints, and she can even customize or resize the prints to your fancy.

I have to say I am very pleased with the results. And even more pleased with the bigger picture when every photo took its rightful place on the wall.

So if you are thinking of giving your precious photos a life beyond the tired photo album, canvas prints provide an ideal way to preserve those memories. And they make great gifts too!

Just in case you need another reason, here's a promotion exclusively for our blog readers:

Quote 'CHEEKIEMONKIES' to get 10% off the published prices!

For more details on Anzo Creation's pricing, click HERE or email joyce@anzocreation.com for more details. You can also check our their Facebook page HERE.

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