Oct 19, 2012

The Diva demands

(Daddy blogs)

Ale will be turning 2 later this month, and how time really flies. 

For one, she is discovering her love for chatter. She seems to have an opinion for everything, even aiding the wifey in choosing the colour of her tops. And she is always on the lookout to play with her 2 brothers at the slightest opportunity.

Just the other day while we were at my in-laws' place, Ale spent over a minute pleading with Ash to play cars with her. I whipped out my iPhone and managed to capture some part of the interaction.

I may be biased, but Ale's 'kor-kor want car?' dialogue sounded just too cute for my ears! I have half the mind to make it my new phone ringtone.

In any case, she didn't succeed then but Ash didn't always get away scot-free. 

There was another time when Ale demanded her older brother to push a doll pram with her. And when he refused, she wailed as loudly as a Diva could possibly muster.

I liked how she switched to posing mode when she noticed that I was taking a video of her. Talk about extreme mood swings!

Whatever the case, her 2 brothers had better get used to it. And luckily, they are not entirely irritated by her. Yet.

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