Oct 20, 2012

Quintessential Queensland: Sea World

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The final leg of our Queensland adventure would see us heading back to the Gold Coast to tackle the fun-tastic theme parks! And in order to be close to all the action, we booked ourselves a room at Sea World Resort.

We had previously stayed there during our last visit to Gold Coast in 2009 and we simply loved it! Which probably explained why the boys squealed in excitement the moment they knew that we were returning there for another stay.

One of the fun aspects of staying at the resort is the presence of -what else - a huge water play area for kids.

The resort also features a SpongeBob SplashBash, which is essentially bright and colourful water-play areas themed around SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Gary, Squidward and a cool jellyfishes! Pity that the area was closed while we were there, but the boys still had loads of fun in the (freezing) water.

The other cool thing about staying in Sea World Resort is the Meet & Greet opportunity with either SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, Dora, Diego or one of their friends in the lobby at 9am. Needless to say, the monkies rushed down to the lobby every morning... in their pyjamas no less.

If you still need another cool reason to stay at the Resort, how about this - You do not have to enter the theme park through the main gate, rather there's a monorail station at the resort which brings you inside Sea World. But forget about that as well, because at the monorail station, there is a gate which will lead you to the BACK entrance of Sea World, effectively bypassing all the queues at the main entrance!

And once we were inside, it was time to hit the rides!

A must-see is the Spongebob Squarepants parade show, where Bikini Bottom comes to life with extravagant floats, stunning water displays and spectacular thematic boats!

The boys, and even Ale, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Another must-go place in Sea World is the Castaway Bay, which wasn't constructed yet the last time when we were there in 2009.

An interactive adventure playground, it has everything to do with water here... So an important reminder, do get ready for a change of clothes if you have the intention of stepping into Castaway Bay. Because... I believe the sign says it all.

A huge hit with the boys was the Battle Boat rides, where we could arm ourselves with water cannons in a boat and fire away at passing boats. 

But beware, passer-bys are also able to fire water at you along the way!

The boys enjoyed it so much that we went on it thrice... and came out totally drenched.

Okay so maybe only I was the drenched one. I can't help it... since I have the largest surface area to serve as an easy target.

The other attraction which captivated the boys was the Sky Fortress.

Think a indoor playground type of structure, but only much much larger and outdoors and you can sort of visualise the amount of climbing fun that the monkies had. In fact, there are a total of five exciting levels where we climbed, crawled, clambered and squeezed our way through rope bridges, tunnels, and slides!

Or if you prefer to take things easy, there is the huge water play area for kids as well.

Or even have an ice cream or two...

We definitely had lots of splash-tacular fun at Sea World. In fact, we paid it a visit over 2 days! All thanks to our unlimited entry passes as guests of Sea World Resort.

This post is part of our Queensland Holiday series of posts. Do click the label "Queensland" to view all posts related to our vacation. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Tourism Queensland and the respective hospitality operators for their amazing support!

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