Oct 31, 2012

Red Bull Flugtag takes off!

Media Invite

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Thanks to Red Bull Singapore, we were invited down to Siloso Beach last Sunday to witness the first-ever Red Bull Flugtag in Singapore, or in South East Asia for that matter.

Flugtag (pronounced as floog-tag) literally means "Flying Day" in German. And because Red Bull Gives You Wings, this crazy fun filled event seeks to celebrate the art of flying by having some of the craziest machines built by various participants take off from a massive 6m high ramp!

It was such an eye-opener seeing all the wacky and creative flying machines that the 38 teams have come up with. I wasn't so sure if most of them were fit to fly, but they sure looked pretty colourful and interesting. Well, I reckoned if you are going to crash into the water, it had better crash beautifully.

And in keeping with the Singapore theme, there were loads of machines that had the local flavour - from the MRT cabin and ERP gantry to the food-related ones of Chilli Crabs, Durians, Kueh Lapis and Char Siew Pows! There was even a Batmobile, and a giant Anvil... though I wasn't so sure how that could take to the skies.

Initially, the boys had no idea what Flugtag was all about. After watching a few Flugtag videos on YouTube, they got excited almost immediately and looked forward to 'seeing some real-life crashes into the water'. Or at least that was how Ayd put it.

Luckily for the boys, they didn't disappoint.

Crash after crash, they took great delight in watching the machines soar to the skies, albeit briefly, before making a huge splash (and crash) in the water below. Yes, quite morbid actually.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Singapore
Even Superheroes couldn't save the doomed Batwing.

Of course, it was all in the name of fun and on this crazy flight day, that was all it mattered.

But prizes still mattered as well, and auto-maker MINI had sponsored a special prize for the team who recorded the longest flight distance of the day. And that team turned out to be Team Amphibious Dragonfly Drone (below photo), whose 'Dragon' flew a distance of 18.2m, earning them the experience of drving a MINI in Singapore for 18 days.

The top honours though, belonged to Team Super Sevens (below photo), who snagged the coveted trip to Salzburg, Austria where they would tour Red Bull’s Hangar-7, the home of the Flying Bulls and other amazing fleet of aeroplanes and choppers.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Singapore

All in all, it was a fantastic family day out at the beach though it was an unbelievably HOT afternoon. That does it - for the next Flugtag, we will be attending in our swim wear and dipping in the waters as we soak in all the action!

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