Nov 1, 2012

This Is Halloween

Media Invite

We don't actually celebrate Halloween, but an Angry Birds Party at Sentosa's Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is simply too irresistible to miss!

Thanks to Singapore Cable Car, di-di, mei-mei and I were invited down for the Angry Birds Halloween Party at POLW last Saturday, with Daddy and Mummy tagging along of course. I was certain that they were thrilled to tag along as it was everyone's first time at POLW.

Yes yes, so apparently the whole of Singapore has already been to POLW. Except us, and Clara.

Well, better late than never we say!

All of us trooped down to POLW earlier so that we could make full use of the water play facilities. And I surmise there isn't any need for us to tell you how fun the entire water play area is. Even mei-mei enjoyed herself lots, by pleading with Mummy to bring her on the water slides for over 20 times. Phew, it was a good thing that she didn't bother me.

We even got to revel in a Foam Party, much to Daddy's envy.

As the sun began its descent, the party kicked into gear. And we took the opportunity to have a quick bath and our dinner.

Not a moment too soon too, for the Angry Birds were soon spotted doing their rounds.

I overheard it was because they were on the lookout for the Bad Piggies!

We were on a hunt too, but of a different nature. We had to collect 5 stamps from the respective Game Stations in order to exchange for ourselves an Angry birds goodie bag.

The games weren't that tough, but the queues at the 5 stations were long. Very very long in fact! But the organisers did react rather well to fix the situation - the rules to earn the stamp were relaxed so that all of the kids would be able to participate in the games at a quicker pace.

At least mei-mei had the Yellow Bird to keep her company amid all the waiting.

I love how the pose is the same for both of them. Heh.

Oh, and there was a humongous Green Pig piƱata hanging from a tree too. But we didn't stay long enough to savour the treats within though as all of us were getting tired from the day's exertions.

But at least we snared our Angry Birds goodie bags!

Yes, di-di was trying to put on his best ghoulish face for the camera.

And even though Halloween has passed, the Angry Birds Cable Car Ride continues all the way until February 2013. Check out our review HERE, or visit Singapore Cable Car's website for more information.

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cre8tone said...

I think my kids will love the bubble pool..

Such a fun party!

Cheekiemonkies said...


Yes, I think ALL kids love the bubble pool!!!

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