Nov 26, 2012

Playmobil PLAYcation at Sentosa

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Playmobil, for me, has always been a beautiful and enticing marriage of modern technology with the craft traditions of German toymakers. What other line of toys has figurines looking as if they are having a good time, all the time? Moulded in colourful plastic they may be, but the little knights, pirates, ancient Romans and fairies all display a fun level of quirkiness that I had long grown accustomed to.

So what could possibly make for reliving a memorable childhood than having an afternoon (or evening) spent with these life-sized Playmobil figurines, or 'klickys' as they are known in their early days.

For this year-end School Holidays, Palawan Beach on Sentosa has been transformed into a Playmobil haven for kids and adults alike. There are four different themed areas - Fire Rescue & Police Chase, Magic Castle, The Knight’s Fort, Pirate’s Treasure Cove - to check out in total.

How about aiding the Playmobil Police in nabbing the bad guys at the fire Rescue & Police Chase area?

Ale, on the other hand, preferred the whimsical world of enchanted fairies in the Magic Castle area.

But the one area which took up the bulk of the 3 monkies' time was the Knight's Fort. And quite simply, it was because of this.

Hidden behind the facade of the Fort lies a climbing structure for kids to challenge. And it even comes complete with a slide!

I had to practically tear the 3 of them away from the structure so that we can explore the rest of the Playmobil set-up. And luckily, there were ample activities to keep them entertained.

Take part in the Playmobil Challenge (Every Wed - Sun, 5.30pm) where kids will be able to hunt for Pirates' treasure and bag home prizes in the process. Or choose to remain frozen for the longest time to snag a prize as well.

Personally, I love any game that brings peace and tranquillity to my surroundings.

So while the 2 boys stay chilled, Ale decided to do some exploring on her own. With some help from a kind Mr. Policeman.

Can't get enough of Playmobil toys? Then head to the Playmobil Play Pit (Daily, 2.30 - 8pm) where kids will be able to indulge in some creative free playwith the Playmobil toy sets.

Boys will go gung-ho over the Pirates and Knights play sets, while girls will swoon over the fairytale princess set-up.

In fact, there are a ton of other Playmobil-related activities to keep everyone happy!

Little Hands & Minds (Art Workshop)
2.30pm - 8pm, Daily
Chargeable at $10 per pack 

Boogie with Captain Palawan
4pm, Every Wed - Sun

Meet & Greet Playmobil Mascot
5.30pm, 6.30pm & 7.30pm, Every Thu - Sun

Storytelling Comes Alive!
24 Nov – 2 Dec 2012
4.30pm & 7pm , Every Wed - Sun

Rhythm & Senses (Interactive Show)
3 Dec – 16 Dec 2012
4.30pm & 7pm, Every Wed - Sun

The Puppet Master Musical
17 Dec – 30 Dec 2012
4.30pm& 7pm, Every Wed - Sun

Check out the handy programme listing below for a summary of all the activities happening on Palawan Beach.

In a world where toys all too often suffer the dreariness of didacticism, Playmobil has kept faith with imagination and hopefully, this will allow it to find new fans in today's technology-driven times.

Sentosa PLAYcation - PLAYful Moments
Date: 24 Nov - 30 Dec
Venue: Palawan Beach (Ship hull beside Beach Station)
All activities free, unless otherwise stated.
For more details on various activities and timings, kindly click HERE.

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cre8tone said...

This is so fun!

Cheekiemonkies said...

It sure is! And best of all, almost all of the activities are free!

playmobil school said...

Playmobil offer a simple alternative to the over produced toys of the 21st century and allow your child to specialise in areas that they enjoy, building together a scene piece by piece or collecting full sets at a time.

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