Dec 20, 2012

All Things Nyonya

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After leaving a trail of carnage in KidZania KL, the eight kids shifted their attention to the heritage-rich town of Melaka. Well, not before stuffing ourselves silly with the insanely drool-worthy beef noodles of course.

By the time we managed to nudge our oversized bellies to our Melaka accommodation, it was already 4pm. In an ideal world, the timing would be just apt for a quick afternoon snooze. But with 8 kiddos in tow, that shall remain just a dream.

Especially since the kids immediately recognized the familiarity of the hotel accommodation.

This was our accommodation for the next 2 nights of our road trip, and it was our third time staying at Courtyard @ Heeren. All of us fell in love with this quaint boutique hotel during our first visit two years back and we have been back once every year since. And counting.

Housed in a restored and refurbished colonial shophouse, this gem houses only 15 rooms and suites with each room effusing its own unique style, complete with the unmistakable Peranakan style. Coincidentally, we stayed back in the exact room we had last year. 

I would have loved to show you the beauty of the room, but my room was the subject of a hostile takeover by 8 imps.

You can read more about my previous review of the hotel HERE. One welcome change about Courtyard @ Heeren since our last visit is the Buffet Breakfast. Previously, the breakfast place was rather cramped and the food options were uninspiring at best.

Now, Courtyard @ Heeren has taken over another shophouse space diagonally opposite and made that its brand new cafe. The breakfast spread has improved tremendously and the place is airy, bright and just plain shiok! Oh, and did I mention free WIFI too? Perfect for the kids' inagural breakfast meeting I reckon.

And what of the hotel's location? It is plonked just behind the famed Jonker Street, which I guess speaks for itself.

That's right, MORE shopping and MORE food!

The adults can never get tired of Jonker Street, while the kids can be trained in that aspect too - as long as there is some *cough*bribery*cough* involved.

We decided to forgo the historical aspects of Meleka this time around, as we had our hands full with the economical aspect. Economical as in stimulating our neighbour's economy by shopping and feasting. And suffice to say, all of us had a blast.

I'm missing the great company already.

But we were not done yet. We still had a final leg to our road trip itinerary in the form of LEGOLAND Malaysia.

And this was the place where all of us would be rocked by a shocking turn of events.

One which led me to question if I had failed as a parent. *Read all about it HERE*

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