Dec 19, 2012

Beef Noodles Goodness in Melaka

(Daddy slurps)

During our 2 nights in Petaling Jaya, the kids had their share of fun and exertions at KidZania KL while we adults had the lion's share of the yummy food and shopping as well. So you can probably guess what our itinerary will be like when we headed down to the historical town of Melaka next.

Yup, MORE food!

But before I bring you our adventures in Melaka, there is just the small matter of sharing this gem of a restaurant that we had our lunch in. If you are a fan of beef that is.

Restoran Sup Lembu Tangkak. An eatery selling what else, beef noodles. In fact, it has only three items on its menu - tenderloin beef noodles, mixed beef (otherwise known as spare parts) noodles and beef balls soup.

The monkies and wifey chose the more conservative option while I placed an order for the spare parts version without an ounce of hesitation.

The mixed beef noodles consisted of beef stomach, tripe and intestines. And although as yucky it may sound, cow intestines are really clean and taste almost like normal meat - albeit more chewy - unlike the unique taste of pig intestines.

But the star of the bowl of noodles is the broth. Two words: Gout inducing.

I'm no food blogger, so do pardon me for the lack of a detailed description. Because to me, the soup was just simply heavenly!

And the boys must have loved it too, because their bowls were polished clean. Drats, to think I had counted on them for more soup after I was done with mine.

The tenderness of beef and the richness in flavours, coupled with the generous serving size, it was totally worth the deviation from our usual Jonker food cuisine. So if you are in Meleka and a fan of beef noodles, do check out this place. It is a few minutes drive away from Jonker Street.

We will definitely be back again! 

Restoran Sup Lembu Tangkak
8C, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
75000, Melaka

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Unknown said...

Yes I love beef. It is actually one of my favorite meat. I haven't tried it this way though but it really looks yummy. I want to try it someday. :)

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