Jan 10, 2013

Batter up, it's Nook the DIY House of Pancakes!

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Who loves pancakes? Ayd and Ale certainly do, while Ash remains neutral over sweet stuff as he has more of a salty tooth. But something made him change his mind about pancakes over the weekend. All thanks to a concept restaurant we stumbled along Lorong Kilat (off Bt Timah).

It's Nook: D.I.Y. House of Pancakes! As the name implies, it is more than just any pancake shop. This is one place where you get to make, doodle, flip your own pancakes and eat your own creations!

And this is how you do it - four easy steps.

And no, we didn't ask Ale to pose like that.

Back to the pancakes proper. The moment when the boys heard that they were going to have a hand in making their own pancakes, they began jumping excitedly up and down in their chairs. Well, not exactly but you get the idea.

The tables are fitted with a griddle in the middle so that you can pour the pancake batter onto it and create your own masterpieces. And since griddles are scorching, I thought I had better spell out the rules of engagement for the benefit of the boys.

Finally, it was showtime! We got the 2-flavoured DIY Pancake set which comprised of 2 pancake batter flavours (Strawberry & Banana) and a choice of 3 toppings (Marshmallows, Rainbow sprinkles & Cream Cheese).

The entire set costs $28, a tad pricey if you ask me. But one has to pay a price for novelty, no?

And it was definitely something new for the boys, as they hurried me to finish my photo-taking so that they can get started!

There is just something about preparing and eating your own creation, especially if it is something as fun and colourful as these pancakes. We are no experts at flipping our pancakes at the onset though, but I would like to think that we improved as the meal wore on - as the photo below would prove.

The restaurant serves all-day breakfast meals too, so fret not if you are seeking something saltier. I had The Breakfast Bully ($18), which essentially was everything that I had ever wanted in a breakfast set. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, tomatoes, and brioche - now excuse me while I burp.

The wifey went for the Humpty Dumpty ($14) which has 2 servings of poached eggs sitting prettily atop alices of brioche bread and candied bacon, topped off with rich hollandaise sauce. And she loved it!

The boys were all too happy with their pancakes, so they didn't request for anything else. BUT Ash happened to glance at the menu for an instant and saw this: Nook’s Awesome Cheese Burger soup ($6).

Cheese Burger. In soup form? Seriously? Well, we just had to try that and so we did.

At first look, the soup may pass off as the remnants of someone's puke but but but... the soup tasted heavenly. For some strange reason, it was rather addictive slurping the soup form of a cheeseburger and all of us thoroughly loved it.

I had initially thought the 2 bottles of pancake batter wouldn't last us very long but surprisingly, they did. And we soon conjured up various interesting designs. Heh.

The good thing about playing with one's food is that the monkies ended up eating a lot more! And this is one of the rare moments when I didn't have to nag them to polish off everything on their plates. In fact, they gladly finished every single drop of batter in the 2 squeezer bottles.

Ayd remarked that this was one of the happiest meals of his life! And I am inclined to agree with him. The boys certainly had loads of fun unleashing their creativity and devouring their pancakes at the same time.

Playing with food has never been this FUN!


Useful Information

Nook D.I.Y. House of Pancakes
Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat,
#01-03, Singapore 598123
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12pm-10pm | Saturday, 10am -10pm |Sunday, 10am -7pm
Tel: 6466 1811
Website: http://nook.sg/

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cre8tone said...

This is fun! Wonder if there's any in kl....

XOXO, Michelle said...

Ok, I am sold. Both on making our own pancakes, and the Humpty Dumpty, and Cheeseburger soup!!


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Kylie,

Do let me know if you manage to find one in KL as well! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Paula,

LOL. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience then!

Ai Sakura said...

looks fun and less mess in the house is a bonus haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Ai,

Yes, I also love the fact that the mess is made outside the house! Hehe.

Jean said...

I, too, stumbled across Nook some time back. We've made a date to visit next week and the kids can't wait!

Unknown said...

I want yummy Nook pancakes! My boy would love making his own pancakes. Cool! Awesome!

Food Esteem | Love for Food • Passion for Photography said...

Looks like your kids are having fun! Anyway, you took nie pics of your kids... Going to be memorable for them :)


Matthew said...

My family had the most amazing birthday celebration at the restaurant yesterday, after hearing your wonderful review of the place. The event was fun and made especially so by the most accommodating staff from the restaurant! They allowed us to add the number of reserved tables, just on the spot, despite the fact that they are opened for other business as well. They allowed us to use many of their utensils, when our children were running around. Most importantly, they were happy to serve us and look into all our requests. Yet, at the end, when we offered them a piece of the birthday cake, it took them a long while before accepting it! Very nice folks there! It is worth a visit. Kudos to the people there! You have made our day!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Matthew,

That's great to hear!!! Glad that you and your family had a fantastic time! :)

Unknown said...

Nice pictures. I love this restaurant.

Shirin said...

We just visited the place, a little disappointed with the place- it looks a little run down, I saw the waitress wipe the tables and push everything onto the ground. Floor looks dirty,many things on the menu is not avaliable. Pancake was ok but flavours somehow too sweet and maybe too oily. Pasta was nice however with overly sweet pancakes and overly creamy pasta, end up pretty "gelak" & indigestion. Sadly I think the standards has not been maintained since 2013.

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