Jan 31, 2013

Gimme my brekkie

(Daddy blogs)

According to a recent survey conducted among 363 parents across 5 primary schools, 1 in 3 schoolchildren skipped breakfast at least once a week. And out of this pool, 46% of parents admitted there was not enough time for the child to have his breakfast proper.

This is dangerous because that particular child is more likely to skip breakfast as he/she grows older.

So when it comes to breakfast for both Ash & Ayd, there can be no such compromise. Even if I have to wake them up slightly earlier in the morning for them to down their breakfast. For them, they usually have a piece of bread or cereal at home followed by sipping a packet of milk enroute to school.

Because as the saying goes... Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Research has shown that children who eat breakfast daily are associated with greater alertness, greater tone, reduced anxiety... and they perform better on tests of creativity and mathematics too! On the other hand, children who skip breakfast tend to have a higher BMI as he/she tends to get hungry before lunch time and are more prone to snacking on foods that are higher in fats and sugar.

So it is with this in mind that Rise & Shine - a community initiative started by a group of mothers and Nanyang Technological University students - was formed. The mission of this initiative is to provide parents and educators alike an opportunity to learn, share and identify holistic approaches in raising healthier and happier children. Or for a start - to promote healthy breakfast eating on a daily basis among children aged 4 to 12 years of age. And no, chai tao kway, youtiao or roti prata don't count.

To get things started, the team has lined up a host of breakfast-related activities where exhibitions, performances, story-telling sessions and even cooking demos will be held at public libraries and primary schools to spread the message of having breakfast daily. Click HERE to see the event schedule. In need of ideas to whip up a nutritious breakfast for your child? Visit the Rise & Shine Breakfast website HERE.

Here at cheekiemonkie.net, we are passionate about all things family. So I am extremely honoured to be one of the Partner Bloggers for Rise & Shine, where the goal is straightforward enough - to raise children healthily in all areas: social, physical, intellectual, mental and medical.

Come 3 March 2013, bring along your babies and young kids to the Rise & Shine Carnival 2013, billed as Singapore’s largest breakfast fiesta. 

Enjoy a healthy breakfast picnic with your family and let your little ones be enthralled with a line-up of gigantic bouncy castles, sports try-outs, engaging crafts including balloon sculpting, face-painting and stage performances.

Registration fee is $8 per adult with free admission for children aged 12 and below. Every paid participant will receive a set of play coupons worth $10. And if you are the first 1,000 to sign up, you get a Goodie Bag worth $100 too! To sign up, kindly click HERE. Visit http://carnival.riseandshine-expo.com/ for more information.

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