Jan 29, 2013

Bitten by the Lollibox Bug

Product Review

We got our first Lollibox in August last year, and it made us go all ahoy-mateys with it. Which is another way of saying we thoroughly loved the goodies within the box. So imagine our utter delight when we got surprised by yet another Lollibox!

LolliBox is a self-contained art & craft box with a theme. It has all the materials and learning activities included in the box which kids can immediately get their hands busy with. No need to waste time sourcing around all the art materials, or racking your brains how to keep us kids occupied - just throw us a Lollibox and see it work its magic!

So of course, we needed no invitation to peer into the contents of our Lollibox.

Each Lollibox adheres to a single theme, ranging from Dinosaurs, Under the Sea to Colours & Shapes. We got the Itsy Bitsy Bugs one, which happened to be the brand new theme for January.

Each Lollibox has 4 major components - Create, Discover, Enrich and Award - with a Bonus Activity thrown in. And all various components are neatly packed into individual ziploc bags, which makes for good keeping we reckoned.

The Create component will see us creating our very own firefly, complete with a glowing backside. The Discover component will then let us make a black spider from yarn and spin our own spider web too! And if we kids are still hungry for more, the Enrich portion will provide more activity ideas - materials not provided - that parents can keep us kids busy with. And finally, upon completion of all activities, we can receive the Award - the Itsy Bitsy Bugs Badge - for that sense of achievement.

And the first handicraft we zoomed towards was the Create component, where we fashioned our very own Firefly out of chenille stems, googly eyes, mosaic tiles, bottle and  - our fave! - glow stick.

One thing that we loved about Lollibox is the detailed step-by-step instructions that accompany each handicraft job. Di-di & I were able to create our Firefly on our own, with Daddy being able to focus on taking photos of us at work. Okay, mei-mei did chip in too... by sticking on the 2 googly eyes on the bottle cap.

The highlight has got to be the breaking of the glow stick and with that, our Firefly was ready to light up our room!

We chose to do the Bonus Activity next, which comprised of 5 bug cards and molding clay of various colours.

There are some simple questions behind the cards, which will provide a deeper understanding of the various bugs. All fine and good, but what we couldn't wait was to get started on molding our very own bugs using the clay!

Mei-mei created a cute butterfly, with help from Daddy of course.

Di-di molded a bumblebee, while I sculptured a terrifying spider.

Okay, so it doesn't quite look as menacing but at least we all enjoyed our hands-on task pretty much!

We didn't have time to do the Discover and Enrich portions yet but rest assured we would be - pardon the pun - bugging Daddy & Mummy relentlessly! I think Daddy is going to wait until he runs out of ideas to keep us occupied at home before whipping out the remaining Lollibox activities.

As usual, we enjoyed putting our tiny hands to good use and even better, mei-mei is a tad older to join in the handicraft fun this time around. Each Lollibox is retailing at S$24.90 and you can check out the various Lollibox themes HERE.

For more information, visit http://lollibox.sg

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cre8tone said...

cute box

Cheekiemonkies said...

yes it is... but the contents are even cuter! Heh.

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