Jan 28, 2013

Moon Dough Giveaway - The Winner!

(Daddy blogs)

Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days - my entire weekend was burnt, all thanks to reservist. So I hardly had time for the monkies, let alone blog. 

But at least I am able to squeeze some time out to announce the WINNER of our Moon Dough Giveaway!

I did a review of Moon Dough last week, where all my 3 monkies had tremendous fun playing with it. And now, one lucky reader gets to try Moon Dough too.

We had loads of participants - 60 to be exact - and we would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support shown! Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to EILEEN WONG! You have won a set of Moon Dough (Snack Shop)! 

Kindly email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net by 31st Jan 2013 to claim your prize. Thanks to all once again, and look out for our next giveaway! :)

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