Feb 4, 2013

Celebrate Spring at Gardens by the Bay

Media Invite

You know you are on the cusp of Spring when wafts of fresh flower scents hit you like a tidal wave.

More specifically, it is in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay that one can truly soak in the Spring festivities. Daddy missed the initial media tour (and Lohei session) due to his reservist, but what was his loss turned out to be our gain... because di-di, mei-mei & I got the chance to head on down, thanks to the kind people at Gardens by the Bay!

Themed ‘Spring Celebrations 2013’, the floral display in the Flower Dome features some 8,000 (!!!) colourful blooms including peonies, camellias, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, dahlias, azaleas, orchids such as Cymbidiums and Phalaenopsis, and more than 8 varieties of kumquat (Citrus) plants such as the Giant Golden Citrus and Buddha’s Hand Citrus, and the Dwarf Flame Celosia. Yes, definitely a treat for all senses.

And since 'tis the Year of the Snake, it would be criminal if there isn't any slithery creatures to be found. Well, it turned out that there were lots of them scattered around the Flower Dome - made of kumquats no less.

Needless to say, this kumquat snake surged to the top of our fave display list at the Flower Dome as we had a jolly good time trying to count the total number of kumquat snakes within the dome. And no, we are not telling. Heh.

Accompanying the picturesque blooms are a selection of penjing (or bonsai) which we were told that are up to 200 years of age, as well as life-sized oriental pavilions that add to the festive ambiance.

Every corner we turned, it was an explosion of colours as we came face to face with the many flower and plant species. Mei-mei was too young to discern the species type though, but she did know a beautiful flower when she saw one because she was urging Daddy to take more photos of her.

Okay, so di-di & I were guilty as charged too.

The Flower Dome changes its seasonal flower displays with every passing season, so it always remains refreshing. No wonder Mummy loves it inside here... Daddy too, though I suspect it is due to the air-con.

The Flower Dome was well and good but for us monkies, the Cooled Conservatory that we loved - and still love - is the Cloud Forest.

Di-di & I last stepped into the Cloud Forest six months back, and we have been missing it since (Read about our experience HERE). But for mei-mei, it was her first time venturing into this cold dome veiled in mist.

And her reaction?

She loved it!

Being the good brothers that we are, we then brought her up to the top of the mountain and descended via 2 walkways - the Cloud Walk and Tree Top Walk.

This time around, we didn't need any wind-breakers to shield us from the cold. Perhaps the goofing around helped.

It was great revisiting the Cooled Conservatories again after a period of time. Pity we didn't have the time to walk through the other parts of Gardens by the Bay - we heard that there is a huge baby sculpture floating around somewhere!

So yes, definitely another visit is on the cards.

Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens by the Bay

Dates: 1 to 28 February 2013

Time: 9am to 9pm

Venue: Flower Dome

Admission Charges: Entry fees into the Cooled Conservatories apply. For admission charges, click HERE.

*88% Lunar New Year Promotion*
Usher in a prosperous year by paying only 88% for tickets to the Conservatories (12% savings off the regular admission prices). Promotion is valid for the first 15 days of Lunar New Year (10 to 24 February 2013) and for local residents only.

For more information, visit HERE.

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