Feb 3, 2013

Norton 360 Multi-Device: One to protect them all

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I guess it is safe to say that many of us own more than one computer at home nowadays. On top of that, technology continues to follow us wherever we go, in the form of smartphones and tablets. And the last thing we want is to worry about having to protect our dear devices' data against online threats or viruses.

To have a peace of mind, we can always install a specific solution per device. Or we can go for an all-in-one solution - the Norton 360 Multi-Device.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is a comprehensive security solution that provides security across platforms and devices. It combines powerful PC, Mac, and mobile device protection into a single, straightforward solution, so you can safely surf, shop, share, and socialize online, no matter which device you use.

Not only does it protect against viruses, unsafe websites, and other threats, it backs up files stored on your PC - including a 25GB online backup - and helps keep your PC running fast and trouble-free. And it lets you remotely lock and locate a lost or stolen mobile device and even erase the stuff on it to ensure your private information stays that way.

Changing your computer of mobile device? Cloud-based management brings it all together, allowing you to move protection from one device to another and letting you easily control your protection for your various devices from one convenient place on the Web.

A copy of Norton 360 Multi-Device offers one year protection for up to 5 devices and can be a combination of any PCs, Macs, Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. The convenient thing that struck me about it is after I had activated the licence in my laptop, I could then easily access my Symantec account and install the software on my iPad effortlessly.

I will not go into detail about the various technical features that Norton 360 Multi-Device entails but suffice to say, it does not only focus on system protection and threat elimination, but also other maintenance jobs such as performing backup, PC TuneUp, and also theft protection for tablets and smartphones. For more detailed information on its key features, kindly visit HERE.

But what I want to blog in detail is online safety for the entire family. With the proliferation of technology in our daily lives, our children are coming into contact with computers and mobile devices at a far younger age than we parents can ever imagine.

Although Norton provides personal security software aimed at keeping individuals and their families safe online, it also wants to increase public awareness on the increasing trend of cyber-crime particularly across mobile devices and social media which hopefully will help more parents better ensure their family's online safety. And the way to  improve our children’ online lives? Think S.T.A.R.

S is for Software: 
The security software you use needs to be updated regularly and constantly assessed to suit the changing level of your online interactions. Let technology work to your advantage and not at the expense of your online safety. Parents should make sure that Internet security software is being installed in their home PCs and they utilise parental control tools.

T is for Talk: 
It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their children safe online by connecting with them through regular conversations (not interrogations).Children spend hours online and it is hard to constantly monitor the websites they visit. They are a lot savvier with technology and explore online activities such as chatting, emailing, gaming and posting personal information and images on websites. Regrettably, online predators have become adept at using these technologies to approach children and teens.

Parents need to have frequent talks and set rules and let them know what are the dos and don’ts:
  • Limit the time your children spend online
  • Tell them not to instant message or email people you and they don’t know
  • Tell them to never give any personal information to anyone you don’t know
  • Let them know what kinds of websites you expect them to avoid
  • Make sure they know that they should tell you if something weird or unexpected happens
Always ask questions in the conversation you have with your children. Ask:
  • What websites they’re visiting
  • With whom they’re instant messaging or emailing
  • If anything weird has happened to them online, and so on
A is for Awareness of REAL online risks (Internet predators, cyber bullying, etc.)
- Protect you and your family against identity theft
- Online gaming addiction opens children up to greater dangers
- Cyber bullying: Anti-social behavior online

Get educated - stay in tune with their children’ online activities and learn about the new technologies such as the popular social networking sites, which are very popular amongst teens. Predators have recently begun using these sites to approach and sexually assault young teens, thus the need for parental control in play.

R is for Rules: 
Set online safety rules for your family and be consistent
- Set Internet policies
- Monitor your children' accounts
- Make the Internet a family activity

And finally, think before you post because whatever you post online stays there for a very very very long time.

For a complete one-stop solution, Norton 360 Multi-Device is as good as it gets especially if you own more than one device at home and you are looking to have a blanket protection for them all. In addition, rather than having to learn and tweak different software settings, it makes life easier just to familiarise with the one software on all platforms.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is now available for purchase through various retailers and the Norton online store at http://sg.norton.com/ at a retail price of S$99.00 for 3 devices or S$119.00 for 5 devices.

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