Feb 14, 2013

Social Media Week Singapore 2013

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With the proliferation of technology in our daily lives, our children are coming into contact with computers and mobile devices at a far younger age than we parents can ever imagine. And we as parents, are also more open to the wide reach of social media be it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogs.

Through these all, parents are excitedly charting their child’s every milestone on social media - yes, I'm guilty as charged - with some even going as far as to create Facebook accounts for their newborn infants. What are the social implications? Is there ever such a thing as sharing of too much information?

So as part of Social Media Week Singapore 2013, a panel discussion session titled 'Growing Up on Facebook' will be conducted on 19 February 2013, Tuesday. And I am honoured to be invited as one of the panel speakers for the event.

Just a brief introduction - Social Media Week is a global conference connecting people, content and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media. Delivered through a network of creative conferences and streamed online through social media, SMW reaches an extensive network of people (including C-level executives, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, brand managers, social media strategists, artists, activists and the technology/media digerati), connecting and communicating ideas and experiences to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.

Over 5 days (18-22 Feb 2013), various events and sessions will be rolled out to cater to the different aspects of social media. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand your social reach, a concerned parent worrying about the dark side of social media - think cyber-bullying and privacy scandals - or a single looking for love in a time of social media, there is something for everyone.

If you are keen to attend any one of the events, visit http://socialmediaweek.org/singapore/schedule/ for a detailed listing of the events over the course of one week.

As for the session I will be part of, here are the details:

Session: Growing up on Facebook
Date: 19 Feb 2013
Time: 3 - 4.30pm
Venue: The Arts House (Play Den), 1 Old Parliament Lane , Singapore 179429
Synopsis: As Facebook reaches 9 years old, this event will uncover the impact on children who have been and who will be immersed in social media for their whole lifetime. A panel of experts will discuss the implications of parents documenting their children’s lives on Facebook, why parents love to share their kids online, and how this affects how children will use social media in the future. A must attend for social media savvy mums and dads!
  • Felicia Chin, editor-in-chief, theAsianParent.com (moderator)
  • Terrence Tang, Regional Director, Digital Marketing & Consumer Business, Trend Micro
  • Paul Gage, Regional Planning Director, APAC, iris worldwide
  • Meiling Wong, blogger, www.universalscribbles.com
  • Kelvin Ang, blogger, www.cheekiemonkie.net
For more information and to register for the session, please visit http://socialmediaweek.org/singapore/events/?id=50719#.URxwgqU_AuH

For me, it isn't so much of my sharing of my personal experiences with social media but rather, I hope everyone present would be able to learn more from each other during the session, myself included. Thanks to the Social Media Week Singapore team for inviting me!

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Aizan Nuriz said...

Hi Kevin

What a coincidence: I actually wrote a blog post along the same lines as the topic you are going to discuss about: http://socialmediajewel.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/blogging-for-children/

Wish I could attend the discussion.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Aizan,

Thanks for dropping by, and for sharing your post as well. Nicely written! :)

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