Feb 13, 2013

CNY 蛇-lebrations in pictures I

(Daddy blogs)

So the first few days of Chinese New Year came and went. And house-to-house visits provide excellent excuses to feast, gorge, and binge.

The routine for CNY Day 1 has remained pretty much the same over the years, which begins with a family photoshoot at home in the mornings.

We then pop over to my parents' place, where the monkies partake in another family tradition - serving tea to their elders.

I think they rather enjoyed it, though I am certain they were more than looking forward to the angpows being collected at the very end!

Speaking of angpows, this is the year where the 2 boys finally took a vested interest in the accumulation of their angpows. They counted and re-counted their angpow fortune EVERY night for the first three days of CNY, making sure that they had not left out any precious crisp notes in their daily mathematical ritual.

Back to our CNY visiting proper - and it is always nice to have an updated family portrait, especially since there has been an increase in the headcount of our family. :)

Normal photo done, and the inevitable goofy photo usually follows.

We then head off to my in-laws' place, where the feasting continued.

There is something about yusheng - otherwise known as Chinese salad with raw fish - that the monkies take great joy in. Perhaps the reason could be it is the only time where they get to play with their food legitimately, by tossing the ingredients as high as they could possibly muster.

Another family portrait with the wifey's family... which would also see an increase in headcount come next year's CNY.

Oh, and the mandatory goofy shot too.

The final two destinations of the day would see us paying visits to both the wifey's and my grandparents' place. Which is always a boisterous affair every year, with all the uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces exchanging greetings and swapping stories.

Surprisingly, the monkies were still exuding loads of energy at the end of one very long day. Perfect excuse for a late home movie night I suppose... and more time for our stomachs to digest all the food in preparation for the next 2 days!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, may i ask where you got the blue traditional top for your boy? Been looking...

Cheekiemonkies said...


We got it from the shops below the Kreta Ayer Market in Chinatown.

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