Apr 19, 2013

Sentosa for Kids

Media Invite

Mention Sentosa, and most people immediately think of Universal Studios Singapore or Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa. But there are actually more to the island than those attractions and so, during one weekend, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring us monkies down to re-discover what Sentosa has to offer!

One attraction that both di-di & me have long wanted to re-visit on Sentosa is the Luge. It had been truly a long time since we went on the part go-cart, part toboggan vehicle... 3 long years to be precise. And in order to re-live the experience, there was first the small matter of getting ourselves hoisted up via the Skyline to the top of Imbiah Lookout to begin our Luge thrill ride.

Di-di and I remember this particular panoramic tree-top ride very well indeed, and it is all thanks to Mummy.

The last time when we took the Skyline 3 years back, she decided that it was an appropriate time to demonstrate the full effect of gravity by sending her handphone DOWN into the trees below. Yes, her phone naughtily slipped out of her pocket and embraced the lush greenery beneath our feet. Thankfully though, we managed to find it after that and it even managed to power back on! It was a Samsung if you must know.

So this time around, di-di and I took it upon ourselves to remind both Daddy and Mummy not to drop anything below again. See lah, the stuff that we have to remind our parents.

In the end, our Skyline ride proceeded smoothly and we found ourselves atop Imbiah Lookout. But we decided to put our Luge ride on hold and check out something which we have not tried before.

The Sentosa 4D AdventureLand consists of three 4D shows - a PIRATES in 4D movie, an EXTREME LOG RIDE 4D Simulation Ride and a DESPERADOS Interactive 4D Shoot-Out Game.

We targeted the PIRATES 4D movie first and it was much like the 4D movies found at Universal Studios Singapore and LEGOLAND Malaysia. But compared to those movies, we found it to be uninspiring at best.

For sure there were loud sound and wind effects with jerky seats, but the movie got a bit tedious and boring towards the middle bit.

But that didn't put a damper on our spirits as we were gunning for the DESPARADOS shoot-out game next.

And it didn't disappoint. We had our own mechanical 'horses' to saddle up to, complete with free-shooting pistols. Our mission was simple - take down the bandits and emerge as the top gunslinger in the Wild West.

Boy, was this fun! Let me just say that it was no mean feat having to ride on a moving 'horse' while trying to aim at the screen at the same time. In fact, di-di & I so very much wanted to polish our shooting skills that we ended up going on it FOUR times.

The final show was the EXTREME LOG RIDE, which will see us soaring between cliffs, plunging over waterfalls and diving into crocodile-infested waters.

Everything is just simulation of course, thanks to a simulator which made us believe that we were on a roller-coaster ride.

And our verdict? We loved it, especially di-di. So I guess that was probably the reason why we went for another TWO more rounds. Well, we could have gone for a few more times if we wanted as the one-day Adventure Pass entitled us to unlimited entries to the three shows. But we had our eyes set on something else as well.

The Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, as its name implies, showcases the fascinating world of stunning world of fluttering butterflies and exotic insects. Housing over 15,000 live butterflies from over 50 species, as well as over 3,000 species of insects, this conservatory cum museum certainly deserves a visit if you are a fan of all things creepy and crawly.

The first exhibit we encountered in the Park is the walk-through Butterfly Aviary, which incidentally was its best too we felt.  This is where we could view and interact with the butterflies at close range, and it was quite an ethereal experience to have dozens of them fluttering around us. 

There is also a Pupa House where we could see for ourselves the various stages of the life cycle that the bugs were in. There were some butterflies which were in the midst of breaking out of its cocoons, which fascinated both di-di and me to no end.

Oddly enough, there are also tropical birds and reptiles on display too. Erm, I'm uncertain how this relates to the Butterfly or Insect theme but then again, I am not complaining. In fact, we monkies loved this part of the Park actually and it was all because there were plenty of hands-on experiences to keep us busy... like petting a giant iguana.

Notice how Mummy was on the verge of freaking out? Not di-di and me though, and even mei-mei for that matter who was ever so enthusiastic in feeding the friendly reptile.

We even got the chance to stroke some parrots as well. Yes, some were really very friendly.

Oh, and how can we pass up the chance of feeding them sunflower seeds too?

Di-di then took things a step further - by feeding a parrot with his mouth!

Okay, so I concede defeat. I only dared to allow the bird to remain perched on my wrist.

The final part of our visit was the Insect Kingdom, where the exhibit consisted of two areas - the first being live creatures, including black scorpions, horned rhinoceros beetles, stick insects and tarantulas while the other being mostly board-mounted insect displays.

While di-di and I pretty much enjoyed the live specimens area, we got a tad bored with the board displays because... quite frankly, a dead bug collection isn't that much interactive nor fun to see.

At least our next and final activity of the day proved to be the most exciting of the lot! That's right, we still had our Luge ride to experience and extreme happiness was when both di-di and I found out that we were tall enough to tackle the Luge on our own.

No photos of us blazing down the Luge track though, because cheapskate Daddy didn't want to purchase the photos. No matter, as we thoroughly enjoyed our ride including mei-mei who was on her maiden ride with Mummy!

That marked the end of our half day of fun on Sentosa Island and admittedly, the price of fun for all the activities that we had isn't all that cheap. For one adult, the total money spent would be $67.90 (Skyline Luge $13, 4D AdventureLand $38.90, Butterfly Park $16) while one child would need to cough up $49.90 (Skyline Luge $13, 4D AdventureLand $26.90, Butterfly Park $10).

So to make the cost sting a bit less, why not purchase the Sentosa Play Pass which offers admission to multiple attractions for one fixed price?

From $65.90 for an adult, one can have access to 17 options, including 15 attractions on Sentosa Island. Definitely more bang for the buck, no? If you don't intend to spend the entire day on the island, a half-day or evening Play Pass is available as well. For more information, please visit http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/sentosa-play-pass/

Thanks Sentosa for inviting us down for a day of awesome fun. We'll definitely be back another day to try out the rest of the attractions! :)

Useful Details:

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Beach
Opening hours: 10am - 9.30pm daily
Luge & Skyride combo
Individual Deals: 1 Luge & 1 Skyride at S$13/pax | 3 Luge & 3 Skyrides at S$20/pax | 5 Luge & 5 Skyrides at S$28/pax
Family Deals: 4 ride family pass at S$33 | 8 ride family pass at S$53 | 10 ride family pass at S$60 
Skyride only: 1-way at S$10/pax | 2-way at S$13/pax  | Unlimited at S$15/pax
Age and height restrictions: 
Skyride: Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult or Min. height 135cm to ride alone
Luge: 6yrs and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand
Imbiah Lookout
Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm
Charges: One-day Unlimited Pass - S$38.90 Adult | S$26.90 Child (3-12 years old)
Height restrictions: Pirates 4D & Extreme Log Ride – Min. 90 cm | Desperados – Min. 110 cm

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
Imbiah Lookout
Opening Hours: 9.30am - 7pm
Charges: S$16 Adult | S$10 Child (3- 12 years old)

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thedeadcockroach said...

Wow, that is fun! I have never done all that before... lol

cre8tone said...

How I wish I can go there right now.. looks so fun!~

Janis Leow said...

WOW THIS LOOKS REALLY FUN! :) Would love to head down to 4D Adventure land sooooon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Now I have a better idea of what to do when I visit Sentosa Island.

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