Apr 15, 2013

Speed that Thrills

Media Invite
(Daddy sails)

Earlier in March, we received an invitation from Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School to participate in a photoshoot for a promotion involving their powerboat rentals for families. Knowing how the monkies - especially the 2 boys - would love to go cruising crazily fast on the open seas, I naturally pounced at the offer.

Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School is a one-stop sea sports centre that is both a sailing school and a pro-shop that offers a wide range of sea sports activities ranging from sailing, windsurfing, kayaking to even kitesurfing. Established in 2000, it is nestled off Changi Coast Road at the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, a quaint and tranquil spot (read: ulu) in the south-eastern part of Singapore.

But that is exactly what makes the place so exceedingly charming too. It was thanks to this photoshoot that we discovered a hidden gem in the form of Belly View, a zi-char alfresco restaurant within the Constant Wind compound. It is a great family-friendly place to bring kids and you can read read more about my review of the restaurant HERE.

Back to the photoshoot and the monkies couldn't wait to hop onto the powerboat... though I must say the wifey was a bit more afraid hesitant cautious. Well, everything turned out way better than expected in the end as we were given an enjoyable ride along the scenic coastline. The boys, in particular, shrieked in delight whenever the powerboat picked up speed!

So yes, we thoroughly loved our time on the powerboat and here are some of the shots that were taken during our ride.

So whether you are looking to bring the entire family for a private dip in the sea, go fishing out at sea, relish the sea wind away from the maddening crowd or just simply to surprise the spouse and make for some couple time, a powerboat rental might just be the unique answer. For more details and rental rates, kindly refer to the poster below.

While we were there, the boys too caught a glimpse of the many people who were trying their hand at windsurfing and sailing. And their interest was piqued. So it was good to know that Constant Wind also conducts Windsurfing introductory classes for kids at $96, which erm... made both Ash & Ayd even more interested!

Guess we might possibly be heading down to this ulu part of Singapore more often than I have ever imagined then.

Useful Details:

Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School
11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
Tel: +65 6445 5108
Email: seasports@constantwind.com
Website: www.constantwind.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ConstantWindSeaSports

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