May 29, 2013

Ale's first Show-and-Tell

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If you have been following our Cheekiemonkies Facebook page, you would have seen Ale's first ever show-and-tell monologue last week. And it seems that her 2 older brothers are the ones who can't get enough of her breakthrough performance.

They have been requesting to view the video over and over again, and each time they are still wowed by it. And frankly, neither can the wifey and I. Especially since it was self-scripted.

We didn't even know that she was supposed to do a show-and-tell routine in her N1 class. All we knew was that she was supposed to bring in something brown for that particular day and that was it. It wasn't until the next day when my sister casually asked her what did she do with the bear in school that she re-enacted her show-and-tell.

In case you can't make out what she is saying, here is the official transcript:

"Good afternoon teachers and friends. 
I want to show you my brown bear. 
Thank you teacher and friends."

Needless to say, all of us were dumbstruck. And all we can deduce is that she must have been eavesdropping (a lot) when both Ash and Ayd were rehearsing their own show-and-tell for primary school. So... multiplication tables next I reckon?

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Edmund said...

Love the 1st photo of u! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Edmund,

You meant my triumphant pose over the croc in the River Safari post?

U commented in the wrong blog post I think. :p

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