May 27, 2013

Our first Dragon Boat Race

Media Invite

Di-di and I didn't manage to catch the exhilarating dragonboat races at the Marina Bay waterfront during the previous weekend so when the long weekend came along, we made sure we dragged Daddy, Mummy and mei-mei down for some splashing fun by the Bay!

This was the weekend where the DBS Marina Regatta 2013 served up its promise of bringing people to the bay and the bay to the people. Held over 2 days, the DBS Marina Regatta - Bay Festival was one where members of the public had the opportunity to experience for themselves the fun of dragonboating, kayaking and sailing free of charge.

And when di-di and I heard that we had the chance to try out dragonboating for ourselves, we naturally pounced on it.

Taken with LG Optimus G

It was our first time going onto a dragonboat and erm, Daddy's too! So we really didn't know exactly what to expect. Except maybe that we should row in unison or risk getting stranded.

Taken with LG Optimus G

Luckily, there were experienced jie-jie and kor-kor dragonboaters onboard who gave us pointers on the various ways to row and stop the dragon boat. Oh, and to stabilise the boat too... 'cos Daddy ain't exactly the lightest you know. Heh.

So thankfully enough, we didn't capsize. And we even managed to take part in a friendly dragonboat race too, where we emerged third our of four teams. Not too shabby we reckon.

Taken with LG Optimus G

Our dragonboating experience was all over too soon and both di-di & loved it! Though I have to admit that I felt a bit woozy after all the to and fro swaying on the boat.

And the fun extended onshore too, with lots of other interesting free activities ranging from archery, art & crafts to roving circus acts and game stations for everyone in the family. One of the activities that caught our eye was the Archery station.

It was out first time shooting arrows with a bow as well and all I can say is at least we hit the board. Yes, notice I said board and not target.

We shifted our attention to the circus show try-outs next, where we got to spin some plates on a long stick. Or at least we attempted to.

It was tough work and we failed miserably. So it was left to Mummy to restore some honour in our family.

All in all, great fun by Marina Bay for all of us and we will be sure to keep a lookout for next year's edition of Marina Regatta. It will definitely be bigger and better!

Thanks also, to DBS for the kind invite! :)

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