May 20, 2013

The OSIM uAngel: Shiok-ness Redefined

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When I got married, nobody told me anything about having to be the designated exclusive masseur for the wifey as well. But it is a role that I partake in without any hesitation... as long as she doesn't demand a massage everyday. Because admittedly, I too feel like a good massage for my tired back every now and then.

So when the OSIM people invited me to test out their latest uAngel massage chair, my heart did a leap of joy and I agreed at once. Who can say no to out-sourcing?

I must say when the uAngel was first delivered, I was rather surprised that it looked so compact. In fact, it blended with the rest of my furniture ever so seamlessly and elegantly!

But that was not the magical part yet. Because with just one touch, the massage chair transforms into an extraordinary powerful massage chair.

And Ale, being the most nimble of the lot, immediately scrambled onto the plush seat. Drats.

But since the chair was delivered on the wifey's birthday, Ale was kind enough to let the queen of the house to initiate the first massage of the day.

I think the experience must have short-circuited the wifey's command of the english language because all she went was "SHIOK LOR! SHIOK-NESS AHHHH..."

The chair comes in five different massage modes for your full back, neck, shoulders and foot. Personally, I love the 'Relax' mode which provides me soothing relief especially after a day's work. The massage rollers were like real hands moving across my back. I found the intensity to be just right  – the kneading was firm and even.

As for the wifey, as long as she is glued to her personal - yes, she has staked her territorial claim to it - chair it doesn't matter what mode she is tuned to. Erm, that is if she can get the monkies off the chair on most nights. Heh.

The good thing I like about the uAngel is that when the massage chair mode is not in use, it actually doubles up as a nifty and stylish sofa. A cosy sofa that the monkies have no qualms about making it their private reading corner in the house.

And if the monkies are not utilising it, you can be sure that the wifey will be the one having a good kneading and tapping massage while enjoying her fave K-dramas at the same time. In fact, the chair has now been dubbed as 'Mummy's throne' by the monkies, and I wonder why.

As for me, all I can say is that I am utterly delighted that I can finally give my hands a much needed break. Now if only I can manage to usurp the uAngel throne as well.

Thanks OSIM for bringing relief to my aching, tired sore muscles throughout my body and also, for relieving me of my masseur duties.

Oh, and it sure did a mighty fine job of soothing our muscles after the cold Storage Kids Run last Sunday!

But more on that in another post... after I am done sinking into the uAngel. For more information on the OSIM uAngel, visit

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cre8tone said...

lovely massage chair

Cheekiemonkies said...

yup it is! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Keeren,

Thanks for dropping by our blog!

Unfortunately, I can't offer much help with reagrds to the uAngel as we only had it for about 2 months before we had to return it to OSIM. Sorry about that!

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