Jun 20, 2013

Abrakadoodle Art Camps - It's a Fun Thing

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Well, in the end it was Homecoming of sorts for the 2 boys.

You see back in 2009, when Abrakadoodle Art Studio for Kids first opened, Ash and Ayd were in one of their pioneer art class batches.

See how tiny and cute they were then? Gosh, where did all the time go???

And now, just look at them.

Both of them were invited back to Abrakadoodle to attend of of its Holiday Art Camps during the June School Holidays and the moment I broached the invitation to them, they agreed to it readily. Obviously they still remembered the fun times they had at Abrakadoodle 4 years ago.

The boys attended the 3-Day Kids on Canvas Camp where kids will be able to all about that is to painting.

From using a variety of brushes and learning different brush strokes to mixing and layering colors, kids in this program will learn about painting on canvas, using acrylics. They will use their imagination in creating artwork based upon the techniques, style and vocabulary of master or contemporary artists from different parts of the world.

And my word, impressive masterpieces were indeed churned out at the end of the three days.

Each art project focused on a particular famous artist and through that, the kids are exposed to the various styles and artwork of the artists. In fact, a total of six art projects were completed over the course of 3 days and I would think that both the boys thoroughly enjoyed the process of painting.

One of the things I love about Abrakadoodle is the Show & Tell sessions that their classes always conduct at the end of the Art Camps. Parents will be invited to sit in during the last 15 minutes of the final session as their kids take turns to showcase their favourite art piece and tell everyone in the class the ideology behind that painting.

Of course there is the final personal satisfaction of obtaining one's own certificate upon the completion of an Art Camp!

Though I reckon the boys thought that 3 days were far too short! Heh.

To find out more about the various Art Camps available - they do have Art Camps scheduled from the June School Holidays all the way to August -kindly visit www.abrakadoodle.com.sg/registerclass.htm#camp

Thanks once again to Abrakadoodle for having the boys over! 

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