Jun 18, 2013

Sydney through Ayd's eyes

(Daddy blogs)

Greetings from Sydney! 

If have been following our Facebook or Twitter pages, you would have already known that we are having a blast over here. And even more so if you are a follower of our Instagram account... because Ayd especially has been having a ball of a time instagram-ming and conjuring up captions for his photos.

All captions are entirely his own, and the wifey & I thoroughly enjoy reading some of his hilarious works. Our fave has got to be this one.

Why, he even responds to comments from our followers too! And he sounds quite like the pro if I may add.

So if you already have Instagram on your smartphone but haven't followed us yet, please do so and let Ayd bring you our adventures in New South Wales through his eyes and words. Just search 'Cheekiemonkies'! :)

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