Jun 17, 2013

Take Flight at Gardens by the Bay!

Media Invite
(Daddy flies)

After the enchanting tulips at Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay last month, it will take some doing to top that and what better way to do just that than to take flight and have a brand new display that soars above the rest of the previous thematic displays. Literally.

That's right - instead of the usual change of theme at the Flower Field inside the Flower Dome, the main attraction this time around are colourful hot-air balloons that dot the skyline within the Flower Dome.

'Flight of Fancy' is a brand-new thematic floral display, where it embraces stuff that is connected to flight. Including this old aviation craft which the 2 boys absolutely loved.

But the theme of Flight isn't just restricted to non-living objects. Visitors will also be able to discover how seeds disperse in the wind and how plants pollinate with the help of winged creatures like bats, through fun facts and displays.

'Blow Wind Blow' is a self-guided interactive trail for visitors of all ages where they will learn more about plants that are pollinated by wind and how their flowers have adapted themselves to increase their chances of reproduction. Do remember to pick up your FREE trail map at the ticket counter.

The Flower Field also features 2 adorable teddy bears seated comfortably in a hot-air balloon, amid plants that will take flight such as lalang. 

So that was what made both Ash and Ayd wanted to take flight as well.

I guess they must leaping for joy upon hearing that Kids enjoy 50% discount on Tickets to the cooled conservatories for the entire duration of the June School Holidays then.

But that is not all - Flight of Fancy has taken over the Cloud Forest too, which marks the first time that a thematic display has been held inside.

I felt the colourful hot-air ballon looked so whimsical alongside the towering majestic waterfall. And do keep your eyes peeled for the many kites hanging atop too!

And for added fun, kids can also partake in the GB Kids' Blast too - where they get to go on an adventure around the Gardens this School Holidays in search of answers that unravel a puzzle! Participants can pick up a clue sheet at the Ticketing Hub and outside the Education Room at Arrival, which will in turn lead them to different parts of Bay South Garden to collect vital information that solves a mystery. And the first 100 participants to break the code each day will receive a reward for their efforts!

Now if only we can hop onto the hot-air balloon as well. That would really be the icing on the cake. Heh.

Useful Information

Date: Monday, 3 June – Sunday, 21 July
Time: 9am – 9pm
Location: Cooled conservatories
Admission Charges: Visit HERE. *From 1 to 28 June, Kids enjoy 50% discount on Tickets to the cooled conservatories.

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