Jun 6, 2013

PLAYful Holiday with Playmobil

Media Invite
(Daddy plays)

Following the success of last December's Sentosa PLAYcation school holidays event, Playmobil is back once again this June School Vacation for an utterly PLAYful Holiday. And this time, they really do mean business... in a fun way of course!

And what's fun without some hands-on activities for kids? Even better if it involves playing with our food!

The Playmobil-themed cafe, Little Bakers Corner, offers all young aspiring bakers to make their very own pizzas and naturally, all three monkies were game for it.

Pizza-making is priced at $10 per child per session, and kids will also receive a FREE exclusive Playmobil Premium Figurine with every kid's meal or pizza-making session purchased.

Hawaiian Pizza seems to be the most well-known type of pizza to kids all around and that was exactly what the monkies were going to whip up. Cue all the cute baker outfit dress-ups and we were all ready to play bake.

Pile on the tomato-based sauce, toss on the pineapples & ham and sprinkle the cheese all around... and they were done!

Seeing them create their own pizza made me really famished and I couldn't resist pinching bits of ham from the monkies' containers. But don't tell them that.

And while the pizzas were baking snugly in the oven, we headed to the neighbouring tentage for the other highlight of our PLAYful experience - Storytelling Comes Alive! with Playmobil.

The ever-popular Storytelling Comes Alive! sessions feature both famous fairy tales and original stories, and  the reason why the stories come alive is because the storytelling is presented through play, puppetry and musical numbers.

The session was highly interactive as well, with the young audience being invited to participate on stage as the story unfolded. Ayd was one of them, and he was even dressed up as a cowboy too. Yes, he not shy one.

I think the kids present found the presentation to be entertaining. The story was lively and engaging, and the kids were able to follow and read the words of the story, by virtue of the giant story book on stage.

Here's a schedule of the various stories and their timings throughout the entire June School Holidays. Why pick only one when there are so many stories to immerse the kids in?

After the happy ending of the story, there was still the small matter of the monkies' pizza to be devoured.

I surmise I don't have to tell you how much they relish chomping on their pizza.

As a matter of fact, when I kindly requested to have a sample of their marvelous Italian creations, all I got for my trouble was this miserable tiny piece.

Guess it's better than nothing.

Anyway in other more cheerful news, kids would also be able to set foot into a larger-than-life Playmobil Western House, which had been specially flown in from Germany. Definitely a higher-than-normal psf I reckon.

Or get handy and dabble in book-making, apron-making or badge-making at the Little Hands and Minds corner at $10 per activity.

Kids can also play with the latest Playmobil series yet to be launched in Singapore at the Playmobil Playpit, or continue the fun at home by picking up Playmobil bargains to the Playmobil Toy Shop.

Or unleash your kids' hidden creative talent in writing their own fairy tale or superhero comics at Port of Lost Wonder's 'Weave a Tale with Playmobil' workshop and let their stories come alive with Playmobil's comic strips! *Workshop is free but POLW admission fees apply.

So there you have it - a totally PLAYful Holiday at Sentosa this June School Holidays and you can be sure we will be back again. Or at least that was what 2 boys dictated.

Useful Information

Time for a PLAYful Holiday! at Sentosa
Date: 1 - 30 June 2013
Venue: Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa
Details: www.sentosa.com.sg/en/whats-on/events/current-events/#item4731
For more details on Storytelling Comes Alive! sessions, visit HERE.

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Simple Mum said...

It looks fun but from your blog last year on the same Playcation, it seems slightly pale in comparison. I may bring my kids this weekend to check it out since we have never been there before. Thanks for sharing!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Simple Mum,

The area is smaller than last year, and there isn't any climbing structures or slide this time around.

But the storytelling session is definitely more interactive and on a larger scale this year. Plus there is pizza-making this year too.

Other stuff like the Play pit and handicraft station remains the same.

Hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi , can I know what is the cost involved to go for this program? Any entrance fee or hidden cost involved ?

Cheekiemonkies said...


This was last year's programme. but this year's is somewhat similar.

The storytelling is free, but the craft activities might be payable.

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