Jul 29, 2013

A Farm Stay close to home

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Remember our farm stay experience in Johor, Malaysia last year?

We were back again at the farm resort a few weeks back, all because the extended family wanted to. A convenient excuse I know, but I was pretty sure the monkies wouldn't mind cuddling some goats once again!

Situated in Johor - about one hour's drive away from Singapore – UK Agro Farm Resort is Malaysia's largest goat and sheep farm, with 100 acres of grazing land for 4000 sheep. It is good for a day trip, but if you are looking for a farm stay experience without busting your wallet, this is as good as it gets.

And as usual, the expansive view at the farm reminded me of how much fun we all had the last time we were here.

I wouldn't go into the details of our stay at UK Agro Farm Resort because you can read my review in 2 parts here: Part One and Part Two. But obviously, the highlight of the Farm has got to be its 3-hour Farm Tours, which consisted visits to the feedstock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing centre, herb sanctuary, ostrich park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farms.

There are different Farm Tour packages to choose from and you can view them in detail HERE. Essentially, one can opt for either the 3-hour Guided Tour on a Mini-bus or a 2-hour Tour on a Horse Cart. And since we adults allowed the kids to make the all-important decision, they predictably went for novelty.

The main difference between the Mini-bus and Horse Cart tours, aside from pricing, is that the Mini-bus tour comes with a guide, who will explain the going-ons behind the various stop points in the Farm. In case you are wondering about the pricing, here they are:

Mini-Bus Tour
Adult: Off-Peak RM40.00 | Peak RM50.00 (per Person)
Child: Off-Peak RM35.00 | Peak RM45.00 (per Person)
Senior Citizen: Off-Peak RM20.00 | Peak RM30.00 (per Person)

Horse Cart Tour (seats 4 per cart)
Peak: RM200.00 per Cart
Off-Peak: RM160.00 per Cart

Off-Peak: Monday - Thursday
Peak: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays & School Holidays 

Back to the tour proper and obviously the kids - humans, not the baby goats - were always going to go bonkers when offered the chance to bottle-feed the adoring goats.

Oh, and cradling them too!

We were then herded to the goat milking pen, something which we didn't have the chance to see the last time when we were here.

The rest of the tour was more or less similar to our previous visit, where we fed some ostriches at the Ostrich Park and visited the Herb Sanctuary, Mushroom and Fruit Farms.

The kids even tried their hand at dart-blowing at the Jakun Village!

So all in all, it was safe to say that all the kiddos enjoyed the farm experience (even though the weather was so darn hot!).

So it was a relief when we headed back to our air-conditioned Resort Room.

Accommodation comes in the form of a 'Long House', a traditional house found in the Iban community in Sarawak. Built on stilts and with long corridors, the rooms overlook the vast green meadows and the grazing pastures of the Farm. We got the Deluxe Room (RM240 per night) which came with one double bed and one single bed, with the usual amenities like air-conditioning and water heater. So yes, it was pretty decent, clean and functional.

And if you are wondering about meal options, the Farm Resort has its own café and restaurant which serves standard food fare like fried rice and noodles, coupled with their signature dishes of lamb chop, mutton soup, salt-baked kampong chicken. Do try the lamb chop - it's so succulent and tender!

Alternatively, you can also have a delicious steamboat meal at the Zenxin Organic Farm – an organic vegetables farm – which is a 10-minute drive away from UK Agro Farm Resort. Which we did as well.

All in, the Farm Resort makes a pretty unique family getaway if you are looking beyond the usual staycation or themepark/waterpark/anythingpark vacation. A one-night stay is more than adequate to keep the kids occupied I reckon, plus there is always LEGOLAND Malaysia to look forward to on the way back to Singapore!

Useful Information

Plot 8, Project Pertanian Moden Kluang,
KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607-759 7555; +607-759 5018; +607-759 5991
Fax: +607-759 7991
Website: www.ukfarm.com.my
Email: info@ukfarm.com.my
Location Map: Click HERE
Directions: Take the North-South Highway from Tuas Checkpoint. Take the Air Hitam Exit, and turn right at the T-junction after the toll. Pass Zenxin Organic Farm and a set of traffic lights. You will see a huge UK Agro Farm signboard on your left. Turn left into a gravel-laden road. Continue on it and turn right on seeing the sign.
GPS Coordinates: N02 01.109 E103 13.117

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Meilan said...

Hi Kelvin. Is it straighforward to drive there? Would you recommend via 1st or 2nd link? On google map both shows 2 hr 50mins drive though most online info claims 1.5hr.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Meilan, it is pretty straightforward. Just keep a lookout for the signs once you hit the gravel roads. It definitely didn't take 2h50min, at most 2hros depending on traffic. Go by 2nd link.

Jeann said...

Hi Kelvin,
thanks for the detailed write up with clear photos of what to expect. I'll be coming from Amari Hotel and as such, what kind of transport would you recommend given the long drive in? I have my resevations to secure a cab out of the farm.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Jeann, I think the only available options is to either self-drive or to book your own cab/transportation in advance.

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