Jul 28, 2013

Need for Speed II

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Following my previous Insider event with SingTel where I was taken for a ride - literally, not metaphorically of course - in a van around the CBD and town area to see how SingTel's network engineers do their job, it was time for me to personally experience SingTel's 4G and enhanced 3G networks.

And what better way to test out the 4G network than to download the Speedtest app onto my LG Optimus G smartphone and use it to determine the download and upload speeds of the network. First up, I tested it out at West Mall, a shopping mall in Bukit Batok.

Amazingly, SingTel's 4G network gave me a Download speed of 37.14 Mbps and an Upload speed of 40.26Mbps! Considering that I got only about 1.8 Mbps while on the 3G network, the result was akin to having Speedy Gonzales within my smartphone indeed. But just to prove that it was no fluke, I headed down to IKEA Alexandra to put the network to the test once more.

A Download speed of 39.72 Mbps and an Upload speed of 35.33 Mbps pretty much confirms the strength of SingTel's 4G network. Okay, I know what you are thinking right now - if SingTel's 4G network is so good, why do I still experience poor network reception at some places?

Truth is, there are actually various factors that may affect coverage, and these are often due to the inherent nature of mobile technologies. Generally though, users experience weaker reception if their office or apartment is not located near to shared mobile infrastructure and signals are blocked by walls and structures. These issues are not unique to the SingTel network and could affect customers of any operator. And another important thing to note, the 4G network is currently limited on street level and not underground or in MRT tunnels.

That said, SingTel is committed to providing the fastest mobile surfing experience by enjoying nationwide street-level high-speed internet as well as indoor coverage in more than 550 buildings, including shopping malls, hotels and other commercial properties.

What of the enhanced 3G network then? I was pleased to find out that in the event where 4G coverage is not available, SingTel has in place an ongoing 3G network enhancement island-wide to boost capacity and coverage which is prioritized based on customers' feedback. So what this means is that should you encounter a problem spot in Singapore where the 3G coverage drops frequently, you can help by alerting SingTel to it too! Click HERE to submit your feedback, and SingTel will act on it after a series of checks.

As of now, SingTel has completed 90% of its network upgrade which means more than 240 sites across Singapore and this will offer download speeds of up to 42Mbps - currently at 75% islandwide - which is double the 21Mbps speed of existing 3G networks! Visit HERE for a list of the 3G network upgrades that have been done in the shopping malls and HDB estates.

And if you are always on the go and dependent on mobile data network, one thing that will inherently stick in your mind is data consumption. Most of the renewal mobile contracts slap a 2GB data cap with it, so I would surmise it would be quite scary to bust that cap and pay for the extra data usage. But here is something interesting: only 10% of SingTel customers exceed their data cap based on statistics. For me, I facebook, tweet, instagram, check my emails, surf the web... all this and I struggle to hit 1GB of data consumption every month. I do monitor my monthly data usage on my smartphone as well, and here are some more ways to ensure that one does not exceed his/her data cap.

1. Subscribers can check their data usage via *3282 (*DATA) or My SingTel app
2. SingTel also has proactively put in place alerts to notify customers who exceed their bundled data
3. Should SingTel Subscribers choose to exceed data, there’s DataMore VAS which customers can subscribe to so as to add on to their current data plan.

Want to make the most of your SingTel account further? Besides offering real-time network performance on third-party applications (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook), there are also useful SingTel apps to suit every subscriber:

Store & Share
Store, share and retrieve your memories faster and easier than before. Store your files online for easy backup and sharing with friends. Access these files from anywhere, even overseas, on any device. Back up your mobile contacts and upload photos/videos instantly to your online folders with any smartphone. Sync your digital contents across mobile phones and desktops reliably. You will always have the most important information with you, even if you change computers or switch between smartphone models. It’s everything you need, when you need it! All SingTel Mobile customers will enjoy free 2GB Store & Share online storage space.

My SingTel Account 3
A one-stop application that allows you to view your SingTel bills, manage your mobile services, check data usage and even subscribe to overseas data roaming, all on the go! You may also redeem points to enjoy SingTel rebates and exclusive deals through our Red Rewards program. For more details, please go to FAQ page: http://www.ideas.singtel.com/iphone/support/faq.jsp

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For more information on SingTel's 4G and enhanced 3G networks, visit http://info.singtel.com/personal/

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