Jul 5, 2013

Because your butt deserves better

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Somehow we went from lazing on bean bags at a theatre production organised by Gymnademics to having a 1.4m by 1.1m doob Bean Bag appearing in our living room.

Designed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans, doob Bean Bags are of high quality, chic, and incredibly comfy as well. We received the medium-sized Plopsta, which the monkies immediately fell upon it in delight... and refused to move thereafter.

We all know how a bean bag often sucks you into whatever position you plopped into it. But the amazing thing about the Plopsta is that when it comes to lazing positions, it is highly versatile - which I never thought a simple bean bag could be capable of.

Feeling as lazy as a swine?

The Lounger

Feeling regal?

The Throne

In need for some sofa-like comfort?

The Armchair

Or just plain nuah?

The Mattress

But my fave position on the Plopsta has got to be this.

The Saddle

By sinking into the middle of the Plopsta, the Saddle position gave me a place to rest my books or devices. Or legs.

There is no denying that I am oversized, so if there is something that I lay on and can STILL retain a fair semblance of its original shape then it has got to be a miracle. I have snuggled in it for long periods on the doob and so far, it has done a neat job in fluffing back to the shape it was in before I burdened it with my presence.

Most importantly though, I learnt that this doob truly eats one's will to move. First it was the wifey, then the monkies and finally, I fell prey to it. It is supremely comfortable, to the point where the wifey had nearly fallen alseep in it quite the number of times.

Maintenance-wise, it is extremely easy. Each doob Bean Bag consists of a durable inner lining that holds fresh polystyrene pellets, and a removable outer cover which can be washed or swapped with another doob cover. I don't know if it has to do with the Polyester with PVC undercoat fabric material, but another notable thing about the doob is how well it manages to breathe and doesn't make our skin all sweaty and slimy after prolonged lazing.

You can probably tell by now that we love our bean bag from doob by now. So if you are looking for a funky chair for your home but do not want to go the traditional route and yet sacrifice comfort, it is time to get doob-ed.

Your posterior will thank you for it.

The medium Plopsta is retailing for S$199 (U.P. S$229; Offer valid til 31 July 2013!) on doob's online store. View its complete range of bean bags HERE. To get the most out of your doob, here's a handy instructional video.

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Anonymous said...

One of your boys looks abit like Tan Chuan Jin. :)

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