Jul 4, 2013

What makes Papa cry again?

(Daddy blogs)

It was only 2 months back that I wrote about what made me cry.

And now, it is the realisation that both Ash and Ayd have grown so much over the past 3 years.

Apparently, the boys were not the only ones who had grown. 

My tongue, for one, seems to have grown erm, meatier as well.

But that isn't the point. 

The point is...

Excuse me while I go shed a tear. Or two.

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ClearTear said...

sigh.... u make me wanna cry.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Ivy,

cry one tear can already. Haha... hope your both your little ones are doing great! :)

ClearTear said...

Hi Kelvin,

no 2 is good, naughty at times but still my lovely daughter. Sometimes she still look at the holland photos and ask where is the gor gors? hahaha.

No 2 is 4mths old now, fallen sick due to haze and never seems to get better. I just had to hang in there, and tell myself, its the same bl**dy cycle, it will be over soon when he grows up and i will shed one more tear haha.

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