Sep 24, 2013

Keep Calm and Cruzee Along

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The one most important thing I learnt when both Ash and Ayd mastered the art of riding a bicycle last year with Singapore Bike School was that those kids bicycles with a set of training wheels are a definite no-no when it comes to teaching your kids how to cycle.

With the extra pair of wheels, a kid's body will attempt to lean the opposite direction whenever he/she makes a turn - quite the different way when one is riding a two-wheeler. On a two-wheeler, one just need to slightly lean towards the direction of the turn and the bicycle will make a gentle turn, like how a motorcyclist negotiate turns. So if a kid has grown accustomed to a four-wheeler, then he/she would require a greater time to un-learn the riding associated with it as well as to gauge his/her balance on a two-wheeler.

And the best way for a kid to learn to how to cycle is to start off with a balance bike, or a two-wheeler bicycle without pedals. In fact, if your child can walk, he/she can start to ride a no-pedal Balance Bike! With Ale's 2 brothers able to hop onto a bicycle and cruise away, she has been habouring hopes to join in the fun as well... with a Cruzee balance bike from The Little Bike Shop. And in royal princess pink no less!

It is a good thing that the Cruzee bike comes anodized in brilliant damage-proof colours, which means that the colour will never fade, never corrode and never scratch off - keeping the bike all dainty and pink, and of course the Diva all happy and princess-y.

Uhm okay, so Ale was feeling a tad apprehensive at first when I asked her to give the Cruzee a try. But after taking that first walk with the bike, she was going so fast down the slight slope that my heart skipped a beat.

To cut the long story short, she loved it.

For me, I love the Cruzee for two reasons. Weighing at 1.9kg, it is the lightest balance bike on the market. What this meant was that the bike was extremely easy for Ale to manoeuvre, making it considerably safer and much more fun to use.

The other aspect was the Cruzee has such a low seat that kids from as young as 2 years old can reach the ground safely. Even better, there isn't any tool required to adjust the handlebars and seat - just a quick-release lever to allow rapid adjustment to fit children from 60cm to 125cm tall.

As for Ale, she is still taking the whole walking-the-bike thing slowly but one thing is for sure, she is thoroughly enjoying her time on it so far.

For more information on these little beauties, visit Cruzee Singapore's Facebook page here:

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Harris said...

hi, i'm trying to get some reviews on cruzee on the net, not many though..great thing i found your blog :) saw that there's no launchpad (black tape) on cruzee footrest, while the strider has it. just wondering if your daughter found it slippery when she put her feet to rest or when she did the "bunny hopping" on it ? thanks ! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Harris,

Thanks for dropping by our blog! :)

She can't really balance that well on it yet so she still can't put her legs up for a long period of time.

But my boys couldn't resist but tried it out too and they didn't find it to be slippery.

Hope it helps!

Unknown said...

My son ride Strider for a year by now, He is 2.7 yrs. Now he is riding Cruzee, and he love it even more. the launchpad is not a problem for my son, he can rest his feet on Cruzee footrest without slippery. Anyway, if you worry about that,you can buy a launch pad from a bicycle shop and stick it on the footrest if you'd like.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Thanphawee,

Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

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